Welcome Parents & Families

The Office of International Education (OIE) understands that international students have a unique set of needs and you as parents and families of international students may have special concerns about their student’s well-being while studying in the United States.

The OIE, and in particular, International Student Services, is here to not only welcome international students but also to provide the special support required by these students. Parents and families play an important role in supporting their international students by encouraging them to take responsibility for their college careers.

All parents of international students are encouraged to learn more about resources offered by RMC on our website for Parents and also to visit Resource Contacts for more specific issues. This page strives to address many of the issues that will be most important to the families of international students.

International Admissions

The Admissions Office staff are here to assist international students with the application process. Click the link below to learn more about International Admissions Requirements. If you have any questions about the international application and admissions process, please contact the Associate Director of Admissions, Natalie Lugg at NatalieLugg@rmc.edu.

FAQs for Parents & Families

How does International Student Services help my student?

The International Student Services Coordinator provides information about maintaining F-1 student status, employment authorization, health insurance, and can direct students to the appropriate academic, medical and campus resources. 

The Office of International Education helps support the International House, the International Interest Group and other opportunities to learn about diversity and global cultures.

Is there any kind of orientation for international students?

Yes! International students begin their orientation virtually with the Office of International Education prior to arrival. Once on campus, international students complete International Student Orientation in person before moving into New Student Orientation and Welcome Week for all students. Both the Office of International Education and New Student Orientation and Transitions share lots of information with incoming students prior to arrival, so please encourage your student to check their RMC email frequently and to complete all required forms as soon as possible.

Where can I find general information about costs and the billing process?

Click on the links below to find out more information.

How can I find out exactly how much my student owes?

Billing statements can be viewed on the “Finances” tab of MyMaconWeb.

Due to privacy laws, students must provide permission for their parents or guardians to view their bills. This access is administered by the Registrar’s Office and instructions are found at the link below. Students can provide permission for parents to access student data, financial aid and/or billing information.

Where can I find information about Residence Life on campus? What does my student need for their room?

Please visit the Office of Residence Life web pages for more information.

Are there medical resources on campus?

Yes, the Student Health Center serves students from Monday-Friday. The campus is also within walking distance of an urgent care center, for medical care in the evenings or over the weekend, and is a short driving distance away from larger medical facilities and emergency rooms.

Counseling Services offers confidential support for mental health at no cost to students. Students can also utilize UWill Telehealth for virtual counseling at no cost.

Randolph-Macon College has a mandatory health insurance policy for international students. Students are provided information about health insurance each summer, prior to their arrival.

What kinds of academic resources are available for my student?

Parents and families can help direct their students to important academic resources throughout their student’s RMC experience. Students can take advantage of advising resources, subject tutoring and learning support, disability services, and resources for academic writing & speaking. These services are free of charge.

What is campus life like for RMC students?

All RMC students, including international students, can take advantage of the myriad of student organizations and campus events that serve to enhance the total well-being of our students. Students may choose to get involved with cultural, religious, volunteer, or academic organizations. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and get involved on campus.

How can I send letters or packages to my student?

Letters and packages should be addressed:
Student Name
Campus Mail Box #### (the box number is provided to the student by the Student Mail Room) 304 Henry St. Ashland, VA 23005

F-1 students seem to have a lot of rules and regulations with which they must comply. How can I learn more?

Please visit the link to explore different topics such as applying for a visa to travel to the United States, maintaining F-1 status, and permissible employment.

How can I support my student?

It can be difficult for both the student and their family when they are separated by distance for a long period of time. Establish a communication schedule with your student (one Zoom call at a set time each week to check in with each other, for example). Ask about their classes, their extracurricular activities (such as athletics and student organizations) and their friends. We know that students with a strong support system will do well in all aspects of their RMC experience!


In the event of an emergency involving an international student, please call Campus Safety – available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week – via phone (+1 804-752-4710) or email (campus_safety@rmc.edu). The Campus Safety dispatcher will communicate your call to the appropriate OIE personnel via email or phone, depending on the situation.

When calling Campus Safety, please be prepared to describe the emergency briefly, provide callback information and arrange for future communication with the OIE.