Those who feel good, do good.

A happy and healthy college experience is about finding balance, and taking care of you. Our commitment to your success means resources to support your mind and body.

Health, Wellness, and Recreation Resources

Workout Facilities

The Brock Sports and Recreation Center is a 74,000 square feet playground for meeting your fitness goals. From group classes to the outdoor weight room, YJs are getting and keeping in shape.

mental health and counseling

We’re building a web of resources to support students, navigating the stressors of college life, healthy relationships, and much, much more. And it’s not one-size-fits-all. No-cost-counseling is available from professional, licensed on-site therapists. There’s also a free virtual option where you can request immediate help or secure a counselor who identifies as you do. Plus, passionate and caring students are part of the team as wellness advisors.

student health

For preventative care, and if you’re sick. Our Student Health Center is your first stop for an appointment while you are on campus. First-come, first-serve visits are free and unlimited, and we can refer you if you need care off campus.


There’s a reason Princeton Review has Randolph-Macon on its list for “Best Intramurals.” We take this stuff seriously, and we have the Wall of Fame to prove it. Prove your mettle at pickleball, sand volleyball, and more than a dozen other sports. Staff and faculty sometimes get in on the action too; where else can you dunk on your professor?


Green Bandana Project study group advocates for mental health awareness

The active student group wears green bandanas to identify themselves as advocates, and de-stigmatize conversation about mental health.

Students with Green bandanas