There’s no better way to grow as leaders and citizen servants than by practicing those skills as members of our community. It happens in the classroom, in campus meeting rooms, on the pitch/field/court, and in Ashland and Richmond too.

Yellow Jackets build character through leadership and service. This integrated approach serves our mission. And it’s part of what makes a Randolph-Macon graduate ready to lead in a complicated world.

“A Randolph-Macon liberal arts education develops the mind and character of each student.”

The RMC Mission Statement

skills for the future Opportunities to lead, paired with training to do it well

two young women at table at outdoor event

Our Student Leadership

Ask a student leader what they are involved in on campus, and you’re likely to start a long conversation. Yellow Jackets’ passion for Randolph-Macon is evident in their propensity to get involved in a variety of ways – in clubs, fraternities, sororities, committees and more. The Student Government Association is their governing body, with a straight line to the administration to be the student voice.

become a leadership fellow

The Leadership Fellows Program facilitates leadership development, blending theory with practical experiences like our Emerging Leaders weekend, master classes, field trips and conferences, and service opportunities. Graduate with a certificate that signals you’ve invested in yourself, and you’re ready for the leadership challenges that await.

leadership for the adventurer

Our location near the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia Beach, the James River, Lake Anna, and many more hills, streams, and parks makes campus a perfect launch point for outdoor adventure. And outdoor adventure is an ideal setting to teach leadership skills through exploration of the natural world!

Other Student Leadership Development Opportunities

Truist leadership institute training

The business world felt the impact of a quiet revolution in 1956, when James Farr, Ph.D. introduced his psychological approach to leadership development. The Truist Leadership Institute is a natural evolution of Farr’s world-class approach to leadership development, helping organizations create dynamic and effective leaders, increase employee retention, and improve the bottom line.

college selects ODK awardees

Leadership Honor Society recognizes student leaders

The yearly awards from RMC’s chapter of the National Leadership Honors Society recognize those in the community who go above and beyond to show traits of leadership in the classroom, across campus, and in the community.

the Student Leadership Conference

Hosted yearly, the Randolph-Macon College Student Engagement Center presents the Annual Student Leadership Conference. The conference features a keynote speaker and a number of different “leadership tracks” to provide skills for student leaders, no matter where they are in the leadership development process! The program is free to all Randolph-Macon students who wish to attend.

for the common good Volunteer and community service opportunities

student painting a gate
The Big Event is our fall service day, where students show love for the community that surrounds and supports the college.

Twice a year, the whole campus gets together for college-wide service days that pay it forward in Ashland (and a whole lot of fun!). But service happens year-round at Randolph-Macon, with students charting more than 10,000 service hours every year. A student-led body called SERVE helps to educate, support, and create community for service-minded students all year long!