The Leadership Fellows Program facilitates leadership development throughout your tenure at Randolph-Macon College by blending theory with practical experiences. You will receive instruction in the predominant theories of leadership, examining pre- and post-industrial viewpoints of leadership. Through the program, you will have the opportunity to practice leadership skills and techniques in student organizations and other intentionally designed experiences such as the Truist Emerging Leaders Weekend and the Leadership Summit.

Leadership Fellows graduate with a Certificate in Leadership Studies, demonstrating your mastery of the principles, theories, and practices of leadership. We encourage graduates to include this credential on your resume for employers to see!

Who Should Apply?

The Leadership Fellows Program is designed to begin in the first year of college; however, students in their sophomore year, and junior years may also apply and complete the program as well.

What are the qualifications needed for acceptance?

Leadership is demonstrated in many ways. In general, Leadership Fellows have a desire to make the world a better place, and they can articulate their commitment to relationships, service, and ethical behavior.

What is the process for applying?

Potential Leadership Fellows should complete the application by clicking on the link below. We accept applications on a rolling basis; however, students who complete their applications prior to June 15, 2023, will receive priority consideration. Additionally, students will receive a decision on or before June 30, 2023, as long as the application is submitted by that date.

Curriculum & Coursework

Emerging Leaders Weekend

The Emerging Leaders Weekend is a pre-orientation program that welcomes New Leadership Fellows to Randolph-Macon College and prepares them for future success. Leadership Fellows get geared up for an exciting weekend of co-curricular experiences that will teach them about leadership, Randolph-Macon College, the Leadership Fellows Program, and give them the opportunity to connect with other first-year Leadership Fellows.

Leadership Fellows 101

Leadership Fellows 101 is an eight (8) week seminar where students learn the foundations and history of the study of leadership that will prepare them for the remainder of their time in the Leadership Fellows Program. First-year Leadership Fellows will participate in the seminar during their first semester at Randolph-Macon College. Students accepted into the program after their first year will participate in the first fall after they are accepted.

Other Experiences for Leadership Fellows

Master classes

Leadership Fellows participate in six (6) one-hour-long master classes during their tenure in the Leadership Fellows Program. Leadership Fellows may select any that they find useful, but all must be successfully completed and a reflection included in the Leadership Portfolio to complete the program.

Community Service

Leadership Fellows will participate in at least 75 hours of community service during their time at Randolph-Macon College. Service to mankind is a vital component of the Leadership Fellows Program. There are many ways in which students in our community choose to SERVE.

Trips & Conferences

Leadership Fellows will participate in each of the trips and conferences available to them at some point during their tenure in the Leadership Fellows Program. The experiences provide Leadership Fellows with the opportunity to interact with other leaders and to tackle real leadership issues and synthesize solutions and strategies to address those issues.