From Charting Your Course to Navigating the First Year, we want to provide students with an understanding of the expectations, the tools needed for a smooth transition, and continuous opportunities for support.


A man and a woman transitioning to college sitting at a desk in front of a computer.
During New Student Registration Days, students will meet with a faculty advisor to help plan our their Fall & J-Term classes.

New Student Registration Days

From June to August we are focused on helping students and families feel ready for the adventures ahead. New Yellow Jackets will receive regular communications from the Office of New Student Orientation beginning April 4th.

On June 26th or June 28th, students will attend an in-person New Student Registration & Family Orientation Day. These days are full of helpful information – both for students, and their families. This is also the time when students meet one-on-one with an advisor to complete their fall and J-Term class schedules! Registration for this event begins on April 3rd.


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Seaworthy is an evening competition among the different New Student Fleets. Led by their captains, students participate in a variety of games and competitions in order to crown the best fleet.

New Student Orientation

Orientation is full of shared experiences and initial connections that ease students into a new beginning.

All new students, both residential and commuters, are expected to attend day-long New Student Orientation programming from 8/31 – 9/3.

The First Year

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During New Student Orientation, students will work closely with their captains to develop best practices for academic and extra-curricular life on campus!

Oh captain, my captain!

As each week brings new opportunities and challenges, students remain connected to their Captains who provide guidance and support.

“The transition to RMC begins after a student decides to enroll and ends with the start of their second year. It takes time to find stability; through that process, there will be triumphs and bumps. Our students won’t navigate them alone. Our incredible Captains, and the New Student Orientation Leadership, are here for every student, and we want to meet them where they are on the journey.

Annie Keith

Meet the Team New Student Orientation & Transitions

Annie Keith Headshot

Annie Keith

Director of New Student Orientation & Transitions

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Joshua Sipe

Associate Director of New Student Transitions