a course to begin your journey

A strong start helps new students find the tools to navigate college, both in and outside the classroom. Yellow Jacket Success Strategies 101 is a key part of a seamless transition. Required of all new students as part of the Four-Year Degree Guarantee, this brief course introduces you to the resources you’ll need to find your way in the halls of academia and maximize your college experience.

Curriculum of YJSS 101

Co-facilitated by an academic advisor and a peer leader, the YJSS course introduces students to resources to get involved on campus, gain independence in transacting academic business, explore special academic and co-curricular programs, and learn what it takes to have success as a Randolph-Macon College student.

In YJSS 101, you will:


A first-year faculty advisor and captain guide, support, and answer your questions.

A black and yellow circle with a yellow ring.


From student life to research opportunities to studying abroad, navigate opportunities ahead, as well as college processes and procedures like registration and housing.

A yellow compass icon on a white background.


Understand academic expectations, major declaration, and learn about academic and career resources will help you grow into a successful YJ.

A logo with a tree in a circle.


Discover resources to balance your health and wellness and help you contribute to a diverse and inclusive campus environment.

A yellow flower in an oval shape.


Celebrate your first semester by attending the traditional class banner signing.

A heart in a circle with a yellow outline.

student signing a banner
The Class of 2026 signed their Commencement Banner at the end as part of a ceremony at the end of their first semester at RMC.