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When you experience the world, you discover more about yourself. Through the Office of International Education (OIE), Randolph-Macon College supports study-travel courses that traverse the globe, individual study abroad opportunities, and intercultural learning – with our international student community at the center – here on campus.

the world as your teacher

Studying abroad is one of the most valuable and transformative educational opportunities available to today’s students.

Faculty-led Study-Travel Courses

Explore a world of possibilities at RMC with captivating study-travel courses during J-term or summer. Expand your horizons, earn credits, gain intercultural experiences, and enhance your resume.

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Semester and Year Abroad

Study abroad is a powerful, diverse experience for several months, offering programs to suit everyone’s needs regardless of major, language abilities, financial situation, or on-campus commitments.

What We Believe

rmc’s relationship with japan

Our meaningful connections with Japan promotes cross-cultural understanding and creating lasting impact for individuals and institutions from both countries.

Elizabeth Simmons '21

Office of International Education

In learning about other cultures, there are a myriad of ways to interact with the people, ideas, customs, and languages of other cultures and societies. That is why our team in the Office of International Education is committed to experiential education domestically and abroad. Learning to navigate another culture prepares our students for success and promotes global understanding.

Through their personal and professional endeavors, RMC students, faculty, staff, and partners past and present will become contributing members of their respective communities at home and abroad by engaging in a lifelong practice of intercultural learning and global understanding.

  • Location: Haley Hall (304 Henry Street)
  • Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.

International Students

Randolph-Macon welcomes students from around the world. We are here to help support your journey – from applying to graduation!

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Ways to get involved

Join us in exploring the world, without leaving campus! Get involved with OIE through different events and programs.

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Scholarships and Funding

RMC strives to ensure students the ability to afford to study abroad trough various scholarships and funding.

Meet the Team Office of International Education

Postal address: P.O. Box 5055; Ashland VA 23005 USA
Shipping address: 304 Henry Street; Ashland VA 23005 USA
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Mayumi Nakamura

Director of International Education

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Lauren Devan

Asssistant Director of International Education