How’d you like to spend a month participating in a life-changing experience while earning credits toward your degree? RMC’s J-term or Summer term study-travel courses offer challenging and exciting academic and intercultural experiences that stretch your learning and personal development. You’ll finish the term with global experience on your resume, credit on your transcript, and memories of a grand adventure!

Why take a study-travel course?

Study-travel courses are some of the most valuable and transformative educational opportunities available to today’s students. More and more, in our increasingly global economy, leaders in business, government, and academia are recognizing the importance of U.S. students gaining international experience.

Study-travel courses allow students to immerse themselves in a different culture, fostering a deeper understanding of customs and traditions. Academic diversity and experiential learning are abundant, and personal growth is inevitable as students navigate life in a foreign country. Moreover, study-travel broadens worldviews, enhances resumes, and instills a greater appreciation for one’s home culture. In essence, participating in a study-travel course presents an unparalleled opportunity for both academic and personal development.

In January 2024, RMC offers 9 different courses across the world. From exploring the diverse and rich culture of Taiwan to talking about human rights in the Netherlands, there is something for everyone, and the programs’ duration ensures they are available to athletes and those with majors like nursing that might make it difficult to spend a full term abroad. Explore study-travel courses below.

Discover, Learn, and Explore Study-Travel Courses for J-term 2024

Find out more about the courses by clicking on them. You will be redirected to ViaTRM, our external platform, where you’ll discover all the details about the study-travel courses.

CHIN 281

Visual Culture of Taiwan
Destination: Taiwan
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 14-28, 2024
Estimated Cost: $4,950

CRIM 293

Human Rights: Sanctions and Survivors
Destination: The Netherlands
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 10-25, 2024
Estimated Cost: $5,400

FLET 253 & SPAN 353

Spain as a Cultural Crossroads
Destination: Spain
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 20-February 3, 2024
Estimated Cost: $4,300

NURS 201.01

Emergency Response to Japan’s Great East Earthquake and Tsunami
Destination: Japan
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 14-28, 2024
Estimated Cost: $5,190

RELS 246

Jewish and Christian Identities in Ancient Israel/Palestine
Destinations: Israel and Occupied Territories
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 12-26, 2024
Estimated Cost: $6,170.00

RELS 381

Special Topics: Sacred Space and Time in Israel/Palestine
Destinations: Israel and Occupied Territories
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 12-26, 2024
Estimated Cost: $6,170

SOCI 293

Human Rights: Culture and Conflict
Destination: The Netherlands
Tentative Travel Dates:
January 10-25, 2024
Estimated Cost: $5,400

Important notes

  • CRIM 293 and SOCI 293 and will be traveling together. Students are encouraged to register for both courses.
  • FLET253 and SPAN353 will be traveling together. Students are not permitted to enroll in both courses.
  • RELS 381 and RELS 246 will be traveling together. Students are required to register for both courses. $2,000 of the cost will be covered by a gift from an RMC alumnus in the Class of 1969, and $500 is due at the time of registration.

My experience in England was like no other. While traveling to many different cities across England, the professors were always there for us. They made sure we learned a lot, and discovered a lot. They trusted us as adults and encouraged us to live and separate from our comfort zones. After my experience, I feel much more confident about traveling abroad and cannot wait to do it again.

Rachel Halstead, Class of 2026
Student posing for picture in cafe in England.

Registration and Deposit

Students may register for one or more study travel courses once the registration window is open. All study-travel courses, whether their prerequisites say “permission of the instructor” or not, require the instructor’s authorization through MyMaconWeb.

Program Fees and Scholarships

RMC aims to make studying abroad affordable and accessible to its students. To be considered for a J-Term Need-based Travel Scholarship for funds to help cover the cost of study-travel courses click the link below. Please note that no need-based scholarships are available for study/travel courses in Summer Terms.

A minimum deposit of $100 is required for registration. The deposit will be applied to the total fee due by October 1 unless an earlier deadline was established by the instructor. In the event a student changes to another study-travel course, the $100 deposit can be transferred to the new course unless funds have already been spent by the first instructor or funds are listed as non-refundable.

All stud-travel courses have costs in addition to RMC tuition, room, and board. Costs vary but usually cover airfare, lodging, meals, and ground transportation overseas in the program cost. Find the study-travel payment procedure and information here.

Pre-departure Information

In addition to meetings required by the instructor, students are strongly encouraged to attend a pre-departure orientation session conducted by the OIE during the semester prior to the program. The schedule of OIE’s pre-departure orientation will be announced to all students registered in study-travel courses.

Passports and Visas

Each participant traveling outside the Unites States must have a passport, valid for at least 6 months after the end of the study-travel course. Visas may be required to enter some countries. For details, contact the OIE or visit click the link below.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

As always, students are strongly encouraged to purchase an insurance policy that will cover cancellation for any reason as part of their planning for Study-Travel Courses.

Mandatory Insurance Plan

RMC requires a mandatory group medical insurance policy for all participants, including students, faculty instructors, and chaperones, engaged in study-travel courses abroad, regardless of what other insurance coverage the student and his/her family may have. This will ensure that all participants have a minimum level of coverage while traveling abroad and will improve crisis prevention and management for individuals and all participants in the study-travel courses. Registered study-travel students are automatically enrolled in this group travel insurance by the Office of International Education (OIE).