The following includes the RMC equivalencies for frequently taken courses from the Virginia Community College System, including schools such as J. Sargeant Reynolds, John Tyler, Tidewater, Rappahannock, and Northern Virginia Community Colleges.  For a full list of VCCS schools, click here.

Current RMC students should complete the Transfer Credit Permission Form before registering for an off-campus course.  If you decide to take one of the courses below, please fill out the form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office in person or via email at  

A department signature is not needed for the pre-approved courses below. A grade of at least a C- is necessary to transfer credits to RMC.  A maximum of 75 credits may be transferred to RMC. Please have your official transcript sent from the community college to the Registrar’s Office once your course is completed and your grade has posted.

Courses that transfer and apply to the General Education Curriculum

Last updated 3/9/2023

Note: Many of these courses can also be applied to RMC major or minor requirements.

VCCS CoursesTitleRMC EquivalentGen Ed Prior to Fall 2021Gen Ed Beginning Fall 2021
ART 100Art AppreciationARTH 020AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
ART 101History and Appreciation of Art IARTH 201AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU, WA)
ART 102History and Appreciation of Art IIARTH 202AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU,WA)
ART 103History of Far Eastern Art IARTH 228AOK: Arts
ART 121Drawing ISTAR 241AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
ART 241Painting ISTAR 243AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
BIO 101General Biology IBIOL 123AOK: Lab
BIO 102General Biology IIBIOL 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
BIO 106Life ScienceBIOL 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
BIO 107Biology of the EnvironmentBIOL 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
BIO 100Basic Human BiologyBIOL 020AOK: Other
BIO 150Introductory MicrobiologyBIOL 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
BIO 215Plant Life of VirginiaBIOL 030AOK: OtherPillar: SP (NS)
BUS 100Introduction to BusinessBUSN 111AOK: SS
BUS 116EntrepreneurshipBUSN 111AOK: SS
CHM 101Introductory Chemistry ICHEM 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
CHM 102Introductory Chemistry IICHEM 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
CHM 111General Chemistry ICHEM 210AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
CSC 201Computer Science ICSCI 111AOK: LabPillar: QS (NS)
CSC 201Computer Science ICSCI 111CAR: ComputingPillar: QS (NS)
CSC 110Introduction to ComputingCSCI 020CAR: Computing
CSC 130Scientific ProgrammingCSCI 020CAR: ComputingPillar: QS (NS)
CST 130Introduction to the TheatreTHEA 111AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
CST 131Acting ITHEA 211AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU, OC, DI)
CST 132Acting IITHEA 212AOK: Arts
CST 151Film Appreciation IFILM 210AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
ECO 201Principles of MacroeconomicsECON 202AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS)
ECO 202Principles of MicroeconomicsECON 201AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS)
ENG 111College Composition IENGL 185WritingWritten Communication
ENG 241Survey of American Literature IENGL 251AOK: LitPillar: CL (HU, WA)
ENG 242Survey of American Literature IIENGL 252AOK: LitPillar: CL (HU, WA, DI)
ENG 243Survey of English Literature IENGL 211AOK: LitPillar: AE (HU,WA)
ENG 244Survey of English Literature IIENGL 212AOK: LitPillar: HC (HU, WA)
ENG 250Children’s LiteratureENGL 030AOK: LitPillar: AE (HU)
ENG 251Survey of World Literature IENGL 020AOK: LitPillar: GE (HU)
ENG 253Survey of African-American Lit. IENGL 255AOK: LitPillar: CL (HU, WA, DI)
ENG 273Women in Literature IENGL 271AOK: Lit
ENV 121General Environmental Science IEVST 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
ENV 122General Environmental Science IIEVST 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
GOL 105Physical GeologyGEOL 101AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
GOL 106Historical GeologyGEOL 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
GOL 110Earth ScienceGEOL 101AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
GOL 111Oceanography IEVST 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
GOL 112Oceanography IIEVST 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
HIS 111History of World Civilization IHIST 111AOK: History
HIS 112History of World Civilization IIHIST 112AOK: History
HIS 251History of Middle East Civilization IHIST 271CAR: NWCAR: NW
HIS 252History of Middle East Civilization IIHIST 272CAR: NWCAR: NW
HIS 253History of Asian Civilizations IASTU 290CAR: NWPillar: GE (HU, NW)
HIS 254History of Asian Civilizations IIASTU 290CAR: NWPillar: GE (HU, NW)
HLT 230Prin of Nutrition & Human DevelopBIOL 160AOK: Other
HUM 112Great Books IIFLET 020AOK: LitPillar: AE (HU)
HUM 247Chronicles of the SeaENGL 020AOK: LitPillar: AE (HU)
HUM 256Comparative MythologyCLASS 223HC, HU
MTH 154Quantitative ReasoningMATH 020AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 155Statistical ReasoningMATH 111AOK: OtherPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 162Precalculus IIMATH 020AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 167Precalculus with TrigonometryMATH 020AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 245Statistics IMATH 111AOK: OtherPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 261Applied Calculus IMATH 020AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 263Calculus IMATH 131AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MTH 264Calculus IIMATH 132AOK: MathPillar: QS (NS)
MUS 121Music Appreciation IMUSC 020AOK: ArtsPillar: AE (HU)
NAS 125MeteorologyPHYS 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
NAS 130Elements of AstronomyASTR 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
NAS 131Astronomy I: Solar SystemASTR 101AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
NAS 132Astronomy II: Stars and GalaxiesPHYS 020AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
NAS 150Human BiologyBIOL 020AOK: Other
PHI 100Introduction to PhilosophyPHIL 030AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
PHI 101Introduction to Philosophy IPHIL 030AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
PHI 102Introduction to Philosophy IIPHIL 030AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
PHI 220EthicsPHIL 212AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: GE (HU)
PHY 100Elements of PhysicsPHYS 105AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 101Introduction to Physics IPHYS 151AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 102Introduction to Physics IIPHYS 152AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 130Survey of Applied PhysicsPHYS 020AOK: Other
PHY 150Elements of AstronomyASTR 101AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 201General College Physics IPHYS 151AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 202General College Physics IIPHYS 152AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 231General University Physics IPHYS 151AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PHY 232General University Physics IIPHYS 152AOK: LabPillar: SP (NS)
PLS 120Intro to Political SciencePSCI 201AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, WA)
PLS 211US Government IPSCI 202AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS)
PLS 212US Government IIPSCI 202AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS)
PLS 241International Relations IPSCI 321AOK: SSPillar: GE (SS)
PSY 116Psychology of Death and DyingPSYC 020AOK: SSPillar: HC (SS)
PSY 200Principles of PsychologyPSYC 200AOK: SSPillar: HC (SS)
REL 100Intro to the Study of ReligionRELS 030AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
REL 200Survey of the Old TestamentRELS 211AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: AE (HU, NW)
REL 210Survey of the New TestamentRELS 212AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: AE (HU)
REL 230Religions of the WorldRELS 032AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: GE (HU)
REL 231Religions of the World IRELS 221AOK: RELS/PHIL, CAR: NWPillar: GE (HU, NW)
REL 232Religions of the World IIRELS 222AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
REL 233Introduction to IslamRELS 227AOK: RELS/PHIL, CAR: NWPillar: GE (HU, NW)
REL 237Eastern ReligionsRELS 221AOK: RELS/PHIL, CAR: NWPillar: GE (HU, NW)
REL 246ChristianityRELS 231AOK: RELS/PHILPillar: HC (HU)
SOC 200Principles of SociologySOCI 032AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, DI)
SOC 201Introduction to Sociology ISOCI 030AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, DI)
SOC 202Introduction to Sociology IISOCI 030AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, DI)
SOC 210Survey of Phys & Cultural AnthropologySOCI 215AOK: SS, CAR: NWPillar: GE (SS, NW)
SOC 215Sociology of the FamilySOCI 212AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, DI)
SOC 218Family ViolenceSOCI 032AOK: SSPillar: HC (SS)
SOC 266Race and EthnicitySOCI 342AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, OC)
SOC 268Social ProblemsSOCI 217AOK: SSPillar: CL (SS, DI)

Foreign Language Courses

VCCS CoursesTitleRMC EquivalentGen Ed Prior to Fall 2021Gen Ed Beginning Fall 2021
ASL 101American Sign Language ILANG 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
ASL 102American Sign Language IILANG 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
ASL 201American Sign Language IIILANG 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
ASL 202American Sign Language IVLANG 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
CHI 101Beginning Chinese ICHIN 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
CHI 102Beginning Chinese IICHIN 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
CHI 201Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) ICHIN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
CHI 202Conversational Chinese (Mandarin) IICHIN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
FRE 101Beginning French IFREN 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
FRE 102Beginning French IIFREN 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
FRE 201Intermediate French IFREN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
FRE 202Intermediate French IIFREN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
GER 101Beginning German IGERM 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
GER 102Beginning German IIGERM 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
GER 201Intermediate German IGERM 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
GER 202Intermediate German IIGERM 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
JPN 101Beginning Japanese IJAPN 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
JPN 102Beginning Japanese IIJAPN 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
JPN 201Intermediate Japanese IJAPN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
JPN 202Intermediate Japanese IIJAPN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
LAT 101Elementary Latin ILATN 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
LAT 102Elementary Latin IILATN 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
LAT 201Intermediate Latin ILATN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
LAT 202Intermediate Latin IILATN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 101Beginning Spanish ISPAN 111Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 102Beginning Spanish IISPAN 112Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 115Intensive Beginning SpanishSPAN 115Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 201Intermediate Spanish ISPAN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 202Intermediate Spanish IISPAN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 203Intermediate Spanish ISPAN 211Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.
SPA 204Intermediate Spanish IISPAN 212Foreign Lang.Foreign Lang.

Wellness/Physical Fitness Courses

Most of the Physical Education (PED) courses in the VCCS will transfer to RMC for the Wellness/P.E. requirement. Those listed below are just a few samples from the VCCS catalog. Important note: These courses are generally 1-2 credit courses in the VCCS but will transfer to RMC with 0 credit attached.

VCCS CoursesTitleRMC EquivalentGen Ed Prior to Fall 2021Gen Ed Beginning Fall 2021
PED 100PilatesPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 101Fundamentals of Physical Activity IPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 103Aerobic Fitness IPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 107Exercise and Nutrition IPHED 101WellnessWellness
PED 109YogaPHED 101WellnessWellness
PED 110ZumbaPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 111Weight Training IPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 116Lifetime Fitness and WellnessPHED 101WellnessWellness
PED 117Fitness WalkingPHED 104WellnessWellness
PED 129Self-DefensePHED 101WellnessWellness
PED 135Bowling IPHED 101WellnessWellness
PED 137Martial Arts IPHED 101WellnessWellness

Transfer Course Codes Explained (Current Curriculum- AOK/CAR)

If an eligible transfer course does not have an exact match/equivalency at RMC, it will be given one of the codes below. Use this key to determine how your course will transfer and be applied to your RMC requirements.

  • 010: Courses that are accepted for elective credit only. Such courses cannot be applied towards collegiate (AOK/CAR) requirements or major/minor requirements. They will count towards your graduation requirements of a minimum of 110 credit hours and 34 (3 or 4) credit courses.
  • 020: Courses that are accepted to meet the collegiate requirements (AOK/CAR) only.
  • 030: Courses that are accepted to meet the collegiate requirements and can also apply to a major/minor.
  • 040: Courses that only apply to the major/minor.

Current Gen Ed Key

  • AOK: Arts (Arts & Literature: Arts)
  • AOK: History (Civilizations: History)
  • AOK: Lab (Natural & Mathematical Sciences: Lab)
  • AOK: Lit (Arts & Literature: Literature)
  • AOK: Math (Natural & Mathematical Sciences: Mathematics)
  • AOK: Other (Natural & Mathematical Sciences: Other Math or Non-lab Science)
  • AOK: RELS/PHIL (Religious Studies/Philosophy)
  • AOK: SS (Social Sciences)
  • CAR: Computing (CAR: Computing Requirement)
  • CAR: NW (CAR: Non-Western Requirement)

Curriculum 21 Key


  • AE (Aesthetic Expression)
  • CL (Civic Life)
  • GE (Global Experiences)
  • HC (Human Condition)
  • QS (Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning)
  • SP (The Scientific Process)

Knowledge Domain

  • HU (Arts/Humanities)
  • NS (Natural Science/Math)
  • SS (Behavioral/Social Science)
  • OC (Oral Communication)
  • SA (Speaking Attentive) ***Now known as Oral Communication (OC)
  • WA (Writing Attentive)