A personalized Automated Degree Audit is now available when you log into MMW.  This new tool can help you and your academic adviser track your progress toward completing degree requirements. 

After logging into MMW:

Academics  >  Student  >  Degree Audit Portlet  >  View All Details  >  Degree Audit Report

At the top of the form you’ll see your personal information, academic advisor, Majors/Minors, GPA, and number of credit hours completed.  (Please declare your Majors/Minors as soon as you have decided on an academic plan!)

The remainder of the form is arranged in the following sections:

  • First Year Experience
  • Areas of Knowledge
  • Major(s)
  • Minors(s)
  • Electives and PHED

Completed courses will appear on the Audit under the requirement(s) the course satisfies.  They will be preceded by a green check mark. Your grade and the number of hours earned will be listed after the course title.

In Progress courses will also appear on the Audit.  They will appear on the Audit in yellow and will be preceded by a yellow circle.  The number of credit hours the course carries and the semester in which you will complete it will be listed in parentheses after the course.  As soon as you register for a course on MMW and click the Recalculate Student Progress button, you will see the course appear on your Audit.

Transfer credit (Dual Enrollment and AP courses included) will appear on the Audit in blue. Both the original course number and the RMC equivalent will appear on the Audit, along with credit hours and grade earned.  (Note:  Grades for transfer courses do not affect your GPA but may impact your Major/Minor GPA.)

Satisfied requirements are indicated by a green check mark before the requirement.  Until requirements are completed, a red X will appear before the requirement.

PHED courses, foreign language placements, courses repeated for grade and elective courses will appear under the Electives category.  Topics courses (course titles prefixed with a T:) will often appear in the Electives category, also.

The Degree Audit is flexible! If a course substitution is approved for a departmental requirement, a manual alteration can be made to your Audit with an email from your department chair to the Registrar’s Office.

Remember: The Audit is a tool to help you evaluate your current status in meeting graduation requirements.  It is not a guarantee of your eligibility to graduate, and it is not an official transcript.  If you have questions about the information in this document, please contact your adviser or the Registrar’s Office.