Interested in how and why we do what we do? Psychology majors and minors at RMC study social relationships, mental illness, and the science of everyday thoughts and behavior in a program focused on research methods and how scientific decisions are made. Psychology majors may choose to focus on a specific area of emphasis including cognitive science, psychobiology, developmental psychology, social psychology, or clinical applications. These topics prepare students for a career in this wide-ranging field, or offer a broad-based understanding of how humans work that serves students on any career path. 

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In and Beyond the Classroom

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high-impact Internships

At RMC, you learn by doing. Our internships include a variety of options that reflect the many industries and companies for which a psychology degree will benefit you. Psychology majors have recently interned at:

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Hanover Juvenile Court System
  • Hanover County School Counseling
  • Center for Neurorehabilitation Services
  • Mental Health Association of Fauquier County
  • Faison Center

Global Education

In this highly interdisciplinary and immersive course, students traveled to England to study the science of light and sight in the 17th-century Jacobean mansion, Wroxton Abbey. Alongside Dr. Cedar Reiner and physics professor Dr. Rachele Dominguez, Psychology of Vision students spent the first week of the January term learning the science of vision, and exploring the philosophy of perception and the phenomena of vision from different perspectives. They also visited sites where Britain’s pioneering scientists made their great discoveries like Newton’s famous apple orchard; the University towns of Oxford and Cambridge; the Royal Institution of London; and the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

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hands-on learning

Psychology students at RMC learn more than facts and figures; they learn how to ask questions and analyze results. Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you are encouraged to conduct original research projects, both individually and as a team, for psychology research and theoretical systems course presentations; as part of your senior project; or through a summer fellowship. Recent projects have explored the full range of psychological questions, from perceptions of the justice system, the psychology of COVID-19 response, and the impact of changing an athlete’s perspective on their ability to hit a target.  

Advising and Mentorship

Psychology faculty know you by name and actively support your academic journey at RMC, connecting you with internships and mentoring students as they pursue their original research. 

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  • 1980
    the year the RMC Psi Chi Honor Society chapter was founded
  • $81,040
    median yearly salary for psychologists
  • 12-15
    the number of watts of electricity generated by the human brain (enough to light a lightbulb)
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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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PSYC 125

Psychobiology of Stress

Explore the evolution of the complex stress response in mammals; the toxicity of the chronic stress response to our health; effective ways to cope with and manage the stress in our lives; and laboratory and field scientific techniques used to contribute to scientific stress literature. 

PSYC 140

Psychology of Illusion

Study illusions of perception, memory, mood, consciousness, will, cognitive development, and judgment. By investigating how our minds get things wrong, you discover the inner workings of psychological processes. 

PSYC 353

Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Learn about deviance in normal psychological growth and development as influenced by the interaction of heredity, experience, familial and social environments. Explore the theory and research relating to diagnoses, treatment, and outcome of psychological disorders prevalent among children and adolescents.

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among psychology majors
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Psi CHI International honor Society

Psychology Honor Society

wellness advisors

Selected by the Counseling Center, these students are available to fellow students to share healthy relationship or stress management advice, and work through mental health challenges.

From Here To What you can do with a Psychology degree from RMC

Jesse Hellyer '85

Jesse Hellyer ’85

Financial Services Professional
New York Life Insurance Company

“My time at RMC helped prepare me for my career by offering me the opportunity to grow as an individual. I firmly believe that having a psychology degree has helped me professionally. Knowing that all people are different has allowed me to learn how to deal with all types of personality types. It doesn’t matter what type of personality I or other agents have, we just have to be able to work with the other types!”

Rebecca Reidy Bunn ’17

Doctoral Candidate, Clinical Psychology

Katarina ballard ’23

Third Grade Teacher
Prince George County Public Schools

Mia Koch, OTD ’19

Doctor of Occupational Therapy, Graduate Assistant, Candidate for Ph.D. in Psychology
University of Texas – Dallas

mahogany snead ’16

Clinical Social Worker
VCU Health

Robyn McDougle ’98

Associate Dean of Research and Outreach, Associate Professor of the Wilder School
Virginia Commonwealth University

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