Learn the language of law, sciences, Christian doctrine and medicine while majoring in Latin at Randolph-Macon. Bring the stories of ancient Rome alive by drawing important parallels between the world of yesterday and today’s modern languages and culture. Our strong tradition in Latin preparation—for future educators and many other professional careers—cultivates critical thinking and analytical skills that make graduates exceptionally prepared for teaching, law, medicine, politics, and more. 

Latin up close In and Beyond the Classroom

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Global Education

Latin, of course, brings to mind Ancient Rome, and there’s no better way to explore it than study abroad. RMC regularly offers faculty-led travel programs that explore the ancient world. Randolph-Macon is also a member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, that houses the renowned Centro study abroad program, through which RMC students have traveled to Italy to pursue their interest in ancient Rome and the Latin language.

Latin Academy

Since 2011, the Randolph-Macon classics department has been home to the Virginia Governor’s Latin Academy. Sponsored by the Virginia Department of Education, the Governor’s Latin Academy is a summer residential program for Virginia’s most motivated and talented Latin students. Each year, 45 students from across the Commonwealth travel to Randolph-Macon to take part in the program. While at the Academy, students experience the very best in Latin instruction in Virginia, taking classes from high school teachers and professors from the Commonwealth. And, of course, many choose RMC as their next destination for studying Latin!

Hands-On Learning

Why study a “dead” language? It’s not quite as dead as you think. Students in Intermediate Latin researched the origin of Randolph-Macon’s Latin motto, Esse quam Videri Malim (“I would prefer to be rather than to seem”), and then were asked to create their own motto for the College. Hannah Gutzwiller ’22 chose Fulgentium Animorum Domus, meaning “House of Bright Souls.” “As we read mottoes from U.S. and international schools, I found myself drawn toward the ones that symbolize light and focus on the soul,” she says. “The ‘house’ part is important as well, because more than anything, RMC is my home.”

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Advising and Mentorship

At RMC, the study of Latin is collaborative and hands-on. Working side-by-side with classics faculty and fellow students, you’ll explore the language through the lens of history, philosophy, science, mathematics, and the countless other ways Latin continues to influence the world today.  

  • 100%
    job placement rate for Latin high school teachers in Virginia
  • 2,700
    years – the age of the Latin language
  • 44%
    Virginia’s Latin majors come from RMC
Roman Forum and Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Latin in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

(A very small sample)

LATN 115

Intensive Elementary Latin

Learn and review Latin morphology, syntax, and reading language skills.

LATN 341

Roman Drama

Study the selected comedies of Plautus, Terence and/or Seneca’s tragedies and the influence of Roman drama in the Roman Empire.

LATN 348

Roman Oratory

Explore orations from Cicero, Seneca the Elder and Tacitus and learn about the importance of oratory in ancient Rome.

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among Latin majors
Latin Academy students performing in play in costume

Virginia Governor’s Latin Academy


Classical Languages Honors Fraternity

Waw Quoppa San Classics Club

franklin debating society

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