You’ll analyze the origins of the modern world with a degree in classical studies. Examine the dawn of ideas, architecture, sports, theater, science, religions, and law. Explore the international world of antiquity and all of the contributions from (and conflicts with) the cultures of Asia, Africa, and northern Europe. Reflect on your own culture and develop an experiential and valuable approach to global citizenship. Taught by faculty with expertise in both the Greek and Roman traditions, as well as archaeological studies, the RMC classical studies curriculum prepares you for future careers in academia, politics, education, international studies, engineering, communications and law. 

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In and Beyond the Classroom

RMC classical studies students at the Acropolis in Greece.

global education

The classics comes to life where Roman soldiers once marched or where democracy was born. As an RMC classical studies major, you’ll have opportunities to study abroad in Greece or Italy and experience places around the world where vibrant modern cultures blend with the ancient past. On faculty-led programs, or as through semester or year-long programs focused on the ancient world, you can explore your passion for classical antiquity.

hands-on learning

Through texts, artifacts, and projects that stretch students’ thinking, hands-on learning happens every day  in classics courses. In art classes, students trace the ancestry of RMC’s Brock Center architecture right back to ancient Athens. Ancient Athletics students visit the gyms on campus to find and draw the elements inherited from ancient Greek and Roman gymnasia and baths. Roman Daily Life (CLAS 225) students assume the character of an ancient Roman, researching and presenting the primary source evidence for our knowledge of that person or role.


The classics department offers a variety of scholarships and awards to classical studies majors and minors who perform at the highest academic levels.

  • The John Camp and Elizabeth Fisher Endowed Fund for International Travel provides travel funds and/or scholarship awards for students studying abroad.
  • The Robert Epes-Jones Scholarship in Classics is awarded to one or more incoming freshmen who plan to major in classical studies at Randolph-Macon College. 
  • The H. Burnell Pannill & Mary Alleta Pannill Scholarship in Classics is awarded annually to a rising senior who demonstrates an exceptional interest in and aptitude for the study of classics. 
  • Joseph Boyd Haley Prize is awarded to an outstanding student in elementary Greek. 
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advising and mentorship

Classical studies faculty develop strong partnerships with RMC students through small classroom discussions and working side-by-side in the hands-on learning opportunities that abound in this field. Accomplished scholars and experts in the field, faculty also support and guide students through original research projects presented at Randolph-Macon’s Virginia Undergraduate Research Symposium in Classics. 

  • 776 BC
    the year of the first ancient Greek olympic games 
  • 1st
    year students studying classics may be eligible to receive the Robert Epes-Jones Scholarship in Classics
  • 3
    act dramatic structure was created by Aristotle

classical Studies in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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CLAS 205

Ancient Women Writers

Discover a unique viewpoint into the ancient world through the eyes of women. Examine female-authored works in classical literature from Archaic Greece to Imperial Rome and in other ancient Mediterranean, Southwest Asian and African cultures. Compare and discuss the social and historical realities of these time periods. 

CLAS 229

Ancient Identities

Explore the ways individuals from ancient Mediterranean cultures explained and interpreted their world and the variety of cultural identities that constituted it. Explore questions such as: How did these individuals construct their own identities and how did they interact with others? How have contemporary discussions of identity, race, and ethnicity been shaped by these ancient constructions? 

CLAS 313

The Hellenistic World

Survey the new cultural world in and around the Mediterranean during the last three centuries before the Common Era, with a special focus on the movement of people and ideas that resulted in political, social, military, and intellectual exchanges and developments. Explore the artistic productions and built environments of important urban centers, including Alexandria, Antioch, and Pergamon. 

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among classical studies majors
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Waw Quoppa San Classics Club

franklin Debating society

From Here To What you can do with a Classical Studies degree from RMC.

Nikki Carroll '10


Latin Teacher and World Languages Department Chair
Trinity Episcopal School

“RMC helped prepare me for my career today by teaching me how to build a community. From Classics Tea every Friday, to small class sizes, to matching T-shirts, to professors still knowing my name almost 15 years after I graduated, RMC is the epitome of community. I try every day to build that same community feel in my classroom and in my department.”

Laura Gawlinski ’98

Associate Professor, Chair of the Department of Classics
Loyola University 

macon Brock ’64

Co-Founder, CEO
K and K Toys and Dollar Tree

Nadhira Hill ’16

Assistant Professor in Classics and Archaeology
Randolph-Macon College

Krystin Husz ’12

Active Duty Officer
Judge Advocate’s General (JAG) Corps 

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