the BUZZ

the BUZZ @ R-MC is our Student Organization and Involvement Portal.  It is a way to keep track of organization opportunities and to track your own involvement at R-MC.

Logging into the BUZZ

When logging into the BUZZ, you simply use your R-MC username and password.

username:  johndoe (do not
password:   your e-mail password

Services Available in the BUZZ

  • Reserve a space to hold an event
  • See what events are coming up on campus
  • Save documents in your organizations portal, so you won't lose them
  • Manage your roster
  • Post photos and news stories
  • Create easy to use forms and surveys
  • Log service hours
  • Create and maintain your co-curricular transcript
  • and many more

The Student Organization Assistants in the Office of Student Life are available to help you and your organization get the most out of your experience using the BUZZ.