Profile: Racing Towards the Finish Line

At Home at Randolph-Macon College

Chemistry senior Amanda Metell has always had a love for horses, even though no one else in her family rides. But what started as a “pastime that was different than the average after-school activity” has become a sport she’s relied on to help finish her senior year strong.

Growing up and learning to ride in the New England area provided a valuable equestrian foundation for Amanda before she left for college. But since she has plans to one day pursue a PhD in chemistry—and the desire to incorporate her showmanship into her college experience—she needed a college that knew how to balance her educational needs with her equestrian passion. After visiting the campus, Amanda knew that Randolph-Macon College was the right choice for her.

A New England Feel Right Here in Virginia

Because the campus had a “New England feel… comparable to a smaller version of the campus of Harvard,” Amanda settled right in. She says, “[the professors] care so much about our education and put so much effort into their jobs as professors,” and the chemistry department “was so advanced for being in a small liberal arts school.” As Amanda finishes her senior year in the chemistry department, she knows that the Equestrian Club has been a vital part of her educational experience at Randolph-Macon College.

“It would be very hard to participate on the equestrian team and not feel like you are part of a small family.”

Currently, Amanda competes in the walk/trot/canter division in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA) shows, but also relies on her background in dressage as she continues to train. With weekly meetings and small-group lessons scheduled around class schedules, the members of the Equestrian Club share a unique bond with their teammates. Amanda says, “I start feeling like I’m leaving home when I go back to New England, and when I fly back into Richmond, I feel like I have come home.”

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Amanda Metell  on a horse

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