The Big Event

Our Mission:

Through service-oriented activities, The Big Event unites both campus and community as students come together for one exciting day to express both gratitude and support for the Ashland community. 

About The Big Event:

The Big Event at Randolph-Macon College strives to uphold the ideals of unity and service.  This one-day event is intended to serve ALL residents in the Ashland community regardless of socioeconomic need. The Big Event is the way for the student body to express their gratitude to the entire community which supports R-MC.  The Big Event is NOT about the number of jobs completed or the number of students who participate each year, instead it is about creating a united entity between students and residents throughout the community. This is what makes The Big Event such a unique project. 

The Big Event’s History:

In 1982, The Big Event was founded at Texas A&M University by Joe Nussbaum, the Vice President of the Student Government Association. Mr. Nussbaum envisioned a one-day service project where students could show their appreciation for the Bryan and College Station residents for their continued support of the university.  The Big Event has grown to become one of the largest, one-day, student-run service projects in the nation and occurs on over 75 campuses around the world. 


For Community Residents:

Throughout the years, the Town of Ashland has shown endless support to the students of R-MC. For this reason, the SERVE Program at Randolph-Macon College strives to reciprocate that appreciation to the residents of Ashland. Students, faculty, and staff from R-MC will spend one Sunday performing various service projects all across the Ashland community. Jobs will be performed between 1pm to 5pm and could include window washing, yard work, interior/exterior painting, tutoring children, etc.

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For more information about the Big Event, please contact:

Nathan Thorpe
Executive Director of The Big Event

Jayme Watkins
Director of Student Life

The Big Event kicks off in