Housing Information for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Most returning students participate in the housing lottery for room selection. Rising seniors can also apply for apartments separately. Students will receive a lottery number and instructions on how to sign up for housing through eRezLife during their assigned time slot. Students will need to log in to eRezLife before selection.

Please note that the dates provided below are for 2023-2024, and are subject to possible changes. The 2024-2025 general housing lottery for returning students will be announced in the spring, with selection based on earned credit hours.

Selection dates for 2024

Senior Housing Selection
April 9

Junior Housing Selection
April 10

Sophomore Housing Selection
April 11

Current First-Year Housing Selection
April 12

Incoming Student Housing
Applications are available once you receive your RMC credentials.
They are due on June 1.

General Housing Dates and Deadlines

Housing Application Available (Senior Housing, Special Interest Housing, and General Housing Application)
February 12

Senior Apartment/Townhouse Applications
Due March 10

Disability Services Application
Due March 15

Special Interest Applications
Due March 24

Fraternity and Sorority Housing Rosters
Due April 1

General Housing Applications
Due April 2

Lottery Numbers Distributed
April 5

Birdsong Apartments and Senior Townhouses Selection Details

Step one

  • Applications open on eRezLife at the beginning of the Spring semester.
  • Applications should be completed and will be reviewed as submitted. Changes will not be accepted after submission. There are no exceptions.
  • Students are approved or denied on an individual basis. This first step is not a group process. 
  • Applicants will be notified, by email, of their certification status within the Senior Housing Process.

About the criteria:
We will review that your GPA is above 2.5 and that you are in Good Standing with the College. A 2.5 does not guarantee a spot; applicants are ranked by GPA and approved based on space available. The higher the GPA, the higher the likelihood of approval. Please note that the GPAs are certified by the Registrar’s Office, and the Conduct is certified by the Conduct and Provost’s Offices.

Step two

  • Students who were approved to move forward in the process create their Roommate Groups on eRezLife. 
  • Groups of 4 are prioritized, so it is helpful to put together a full group. 
  • Groups are then ordered by the average GPA of their group.
  • Successful applicants will choose their apartment/townhouse on the day of Senior Housing Selection. 
  • Selection will be prioritized by GPA; i.e. the highest GPA applicant selects first, and so on, until apartments and townhouses are full.

Apartment Selection Dates and Deadlines

Available – February 13
Applications Due – March 12
Candidates Certified – March 24
Groups Formed in eRezLife – April 5
Selection – April 11

Disability Accommodations

The Director of Disability Services will review requests for housing accommodations and meal plan adjustments for students with disabilities. If reasonable housing accommodations cannot be immediately satisfied due to capacity, facility design, availability, etc., the Office of Residence Life will prioritize requests before handling others.

Individuals with questions regarding applications for next year should contact Disability Services at (804) 752-7343.

Off Campus Living

Randolph-Macon College is a residential college and all students are required to live on campus. However, students may request permission to live off campus by submitting a written request to the Assistant Dean of Students.