Psychology Major

Collage of recent psychology majors

Psychology explores the complexities that shape the way we think and behave, offering insights that you can apply no matter where your future may take you. Says Anna Colby Barone '04, "I am constantly remembering theories, formulas, concepts, and so forth that help me navigate through my daily life, whether at home or at work."

Majors for Your Interests

Within the psychology curriculum, you can choose between majors in psychology or behavioral neuroscience. As a psychology major, you'll have the option to focus your studies in a specific area of emphasis: cognitive science, psychobiology, developmental psychology, social psychology, or clinical applications. As a behavioral neuroscience major, you'll delve into an exciting field of inquiry connecting the brain and behavior.

Internships and Study Abroad

Expand your college experience through internships, travel courses and individual research projects.

Graduate School

With their focus on research, the psychology and behavioral neuroscience majors at R-MC prepare you for the challenges of graduate school. "Immersion in behavioral neuroendocrinology research allowed me to gain a broad knowledge base far earlier than many of my peers," says Erica Glasper '02, who earned a Ph.D. in psychobiology and behavioral neuroscience and is now an assistant professor at the University of Maryland. Recent alumni have attended graduate programs at schools including Harvard, UVA, Johns Hopkins, MCV and UNC-Chapel Hill.


You'll find alumni of R-MC's psychology department in fields including psychopharmacology, neuroscience, rehabilitation, school counseling, education, and mental health.