Achieving proficiency in a second language opens doors to a variety of exciting career opportunities in business, education, law enforcement and healthcare—industries where bilingualism is increasingly important. RMC Spanish majors and minors enjoy a highly personalized language program with courses that explore current events, social justice, linguistics, business, and culture. You’ll use your skills locally and abroad, and graduate with the depth and breadth necessary for second language proficiency and deep cultural understanding. 

Spanish up close In and Beyond the Classroom

A Spanish coast

Global Education

The cultural understanding that comes from an experience abroad—whether traveling as a class or studying at another institution in a Spanish speaking country—can be transformative. Though not required, it’s a valued part of studying Spanish for many majors. Popular programs where Randolph-Macon Spanish majors gain language proficiency include Alicante, San Sebastian, and Madrid, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; and Costa Rica. 

high-Impact Internships

At Randolph-Macon, Spanish majors use their language skills to make a difference in the community long before graduation. Recent internships for Spanish language students take place in a variety of healthcare, business, government and educational settings including:

  • Crossover Health Ministries
  • Latin American News Digest
  • Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Hanover County Department of Health
  • Benedictine School 
  • Fruitland Police Department
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certified biliteracy

Since 2020, the RMC Spanish Department has awarded nearly 40 students the Global Seal of Biliteracy™, a credential that celebrates strong language skills and expands future career opportunities for Spanish majors. The Global Seal of Biliteracy enables recipients to showcase their language skills to any school or employer, across state lines and national borders, with a unique, serial-numbered certification earned based on high uniform language standards. 

advising and mentorship

Our Spanish faculty’s approach is designed to increase your understanding of realities other than your own in a fun and supportive learning environment. Spanish majors are matched one-on-one with a faculty advisor, who supports them in class and more broadly as they connect their learning to their future career.

  • 20
    countries designate Spanish as the official language
  • 2nd
    most spoken language in the world is Spanish
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Spanish in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

(A very small sample)

SPAN 303

Spanish for the Healthcare Professions

Expand your language skills using practical situations in everyday encounters within the healthcare setting. Learn to interact with Spanish-speaking patients, doctors, nurses, technicians, and EMT professionals in the medical field and healthcare industry. 

SPAN 353

Spain as a Cultural Crossroad

Examine the long history of intercultural contact in the literature and culture of what we know as Spain today. Study networks of migration, economics, and power associated with Spain’s history as a global empire, the Spanish Civil War, and the present-day immigration boom from Africa and South America as depicted in Spanish works of literature, visual art, and film. 

SPAN 242

Spanish for Social Justice

Hone your reading and writing skills while exploring issues of social justice facing Spanish-speaking communities within the United States. Using Spanish-language periodicals and online resources, develop vocabulary pertinent to knowledge and discussion of relevant social justice issues.

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among Spanish majors
Spanish Club recruitment table

Sigma Delta Pi

Top students are inducted for membership in the Spanish Honor Society.

Spanish club

Spanish Conversation Table

The Spanish Conversation Table is student-run and attended. Interested students may attend and/or pursue leadership opportunities by serving as Table Leaders.

Hispanic Heritage Club


From Here To What you can do with a Spanish degree from RMC

Rowan Hierholzer '19

Rowan Hierholzer ’19

Campaign Execution Manager
Cengage Group

“My experience at RMC prepared me for my career journey in a number of ways. The liberal arts education I received taught me how to apply what I learned in my college studies to a role that wasn’t necessarily related to either of my major(s), and also how to succeed in a challenging master’s degree program. The research and presentations I conducted as a political science student and the people skills I learned studying abroad as a Spanish major both translated well into my current role with Cengage. The relationships I formed with my professors and peers have continued to serve me well into my post-grad years! I believe that the rigorous academic environment, combined with the close-knit community at RMC, provided me with the support needed to reach for my dream goals, and pursue paths I otherwise wouldn’t have.”

micah Granai ’20

Clinical Laboratory
Virginia Endocrinology & Osteoporosis Center

Alexandra lugo ’21

Spanish Teacher
Hermitage High School

Kirsten Whittaker ’21

Medical Assistant
Virginia Women’s Center

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