The study of the human condition. This wide-ranging and fascinating topic is the heart of your education as a sociology and anthropology major or minor. Collaborate with fellow majors in student-centered classrooms where you scientifically study social and cultural institutions, and social inequality. Explore the concepts of socialization; deviance; health and illness; family patterns; social change; and race and ethnic relations; and apply a sociological lens to human interaction. 

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In and Beyond the Classroom

Student using hoe to dig ground while volunteering for Habitat for Humanity

hands-on Learning

Bridging the gap between theory and practice, Professor Sarah Cribbs’ Social Inequality class experiences the significant impact of service learning by splitting time between the classroom and community engagement including volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. In doing this, students gain a new perspective on the real-world implications of social class constructs and directly apply what they learn in the classroom about how people create patterns through individual behaviors, how we interact with one another, how society influences people, and how people influence the larger social structure. 

high-impact internships

Make a difference in class and out. As an RMC sociology and anthropology major or minor, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned. Recent interns earned credit with internships at:

  • Hanover Safe Place
  • Bon Secours at Memorial Regional Hospital
  • Richmond Health Department
  • Catholic Charities
  • Chesterfield Social Services

Advising and mentorship

In our small-classroom environment, you’ll practice research design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis and critical thinking that will help prepare you for a career in a range of professions. As a sociology and anthropology major or minor, you will become especially adept at understanding and practically applying social and cultural diversity and inclusion concepts; ideas that are highly relevant for the 21st century. As you define your path in college and after, our dedicated faculty mentors will be your guides.

global education

The human condition is, of course, a global one. A January term travel course to South Africa recently studied prejudice and privilege in the African nation. The trip paired a psychology course with sociology in a wide-ranging travel experience that explored the struggle to end apartheid, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; domestic violence, and gender and racial identities. 

South Africa cityscape from above
  • $91K
    the median salary for sociologists in 2021
  • 7 of 10
    executives want students with teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others
  • #20
    A sociology degree is ranked in the top 25 degrees most needed for the future
Student speaks during sociology class discussion

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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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SOCI 342

Race and Ethnic Relations

Gain insight into dominant-minority relations. Consider the past and present positions of ethnic and racial minorities from a historical and cross-cultural perspective.

SOCI 202

Sex and Culture

Study a cross-cultural perspective on human sex as well as the categories of gender in various cultures worldwide. Learn the anatomical, physiological, and emotional aspects of sexuality; and critically situate North American ideas of sexuality by emphasizing a culturally relative perspective on sex and gender. 

CRIM 410

Juvenile Delinquency 

Examine the nature and causes of juvenile delinquency; the development of the juvenile justice system; theoretical explanations of juvenile delinquency; and the current research on juvenile delinquency in the United States. 

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among sociology/anthropology majors
Students stand near a podium for induction into honor society

Criminology Club

alpha kappa delta

Top students are inducted into the international sociology honors society.

InterFaith Council

From Here To What you can do with a Sociology/
Anthropology degree from RMC

Jake Brigham '16

Jake Brigham ’16

Associate Attorney
Messner Reeves, LLP

“Receiving my undergraduate degree from RMC was essential to my success after college. Being at a small school allowed me to foster special relationships with my professors, who then were able to create a learning environment conducive to their student’s needs. I still think about my sociology professors today and remain grateful for their dedication to my growth as a student. As a private liberal arts college, the RMC curriculum promoted the development of a critical thinking lens which has been crucial to navigating my path in life after I earned my degree. I have no doubt that the quality of my educational experience in Ashland directly impacted my life beyond the dorms in a positive way.”

Kamryn Steinruck ’21

Master’s Candidate, Social Work
Virginia Commonwealth University

Holly Bowman ’20

Property Development Specialist
The Housing Fund

lee Olenyik ’20

Regional Sales Lead
Zynex Medical

Mary Margaret Signorelli ’13

Owner/Licensed Professional Counselor
Halfwild Counseling

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