Accounting Major

Accounting students hard at work.

Essential for a thorough understanding of finance and markets, accounting is often called "the language of business."

The accounting major or accounting minor at Randolph-Macon College places a curriculum of accounting theory and application within the context of a broader liberal arts education, allowing you to apply understanding in a variety of contexts.

A Major to Build On

In almost any field, an understanding of accounting can provide valuable benefits. Many students choose to combine an accounting major or accounting minor with another area of study such as economics and business or computer science.


R-MC's internship program lets you explore career options and can lead to exciting opportunities. 2013 graduate Virginia Hendrick, an accounting and economics/business major, used an accounting internship to confirm her interest in the field, moving on to a full-time position as an audit associate following graduation. "The opportunity to apply the principles learned in the classroom to real-world situations was invaluable," Hendrick says of the experience.


Accounting studies provide a strong foundation for diverse careers in the public and private sectors. Graduates of R-MC's accounting program have pursued graduate school and continuing education in business and accounting and are working in fields including tax advising, accounting, auditing, fund-raising, banking and finance.