personal safey first

Please consider the following:

  • If you are in danger or in distress, please contact Campus Safety at 804-752-4710 and/or call 9-11.
  • You can also contact Ashland Police at their non-emergency number: 804-798-1227
  • For personal assistance, you can contact Randolph-Macon’s Sexual Assault Responders: 804-752-7270

Report to the Title IX Office

At Randolph-Macon College, you have multiple channels for reporting Prohibited Conduct. Any individual may choose to report to the College, to law enforcement, to both, or to neither. These reporting options are not exclusive. Individuals may simultaneously pursue criminal and disciplinary action. The College will support your right in understanding, assessing and pursuing these options. In our community, you can report an incident at any time, regardless of when an incident occurred, in the following ways:

  • Directly to the Title IX Office:
    • In-Person: Peele Hall, 2nd Floor
    • Phone: 804-752-3295
    • Email:
    • Online: Report Form (Note: anonymous options available)
  • Directly to the Office of Student Conduct:
    • Dr. James McGhee, Assistant Dean of Students; 2nd Floor Peele Hall; 804-752-7266;
  • Report to any RMC employee, including student employees (in-person, via phone, or email), who will support a report on your behalf:
    • Non-confidential, mandatory reporter employees: all employees (except a limited number of confidential employees – see below), who become aware of conduct that may constitute a violation of this policy are required to notify the Title IX Office with the names of the parties involved and the details of the alleged incident.
      • Student employees are also mandatory reporters and must notify the Title IX Office of any incident of Prohibited Conduct. These employees include
        • Resident Assistants
        • Orientation Captains
        • Tour Guides
        • Wellness Advisors
        • International Assistants.
  • You may report any incident directly to any local or state authority at any time. The Title IX reporting process is separate from the criminal process. 
    • Ashland Police: Phone Number (434.977.9041) for non-emergencies

Seek Confidential Support from Non-Mandatory Reporter Employees: 

Certain employees at the College are not required to notify the Title IX Office about any incident of Prohibited Conduct they learn about, excluding Minor Abuse. These employees are a resource to our community for individuals who wish to seek confidential support and resources without notifying the Title IX Office. These employees include our