What can you do in a month? With the Randolph-Macon College J-term, you can spend January exploring the world, a career, or a single subject in depth.

R-MC's optional J-term offers something for everyone. For some students, that something is a chance to travel to destinations around the world; recent J-term travel courses have visited France, England, Italy, China, Germany, Ghana, Brazil, and Australia & New Zealand.

J-termers abroad have studied evolution and conservation in the Galapagos Islands, Central American culture in Costa Rica, the history of mathematics in England, and have helped build homes in El Salvador.

Other students dedicate the month to internships; R-MC's Bassett Internship Program connects students with internships in a wide range of locations and career fields.

On campus, J-term offers for-credit courses across the curriculum, making it possible for students to immerse themselves for one month in a single subject.