Meet the Class of 2027 and Welcome to Fall Transfers

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Students sign an oath to academic integrity during the 2023 Matriculation Ceremony

The 2023-24 academic year began Monday, Sept. 4, in which Randolph-Macon welcomed 489 new Yellow Jackets to campus. The incoming cohort is among the largest ever in the College’s history.

The Class of 2027 is made up of 434 first-year students. They are joined by 50 transfers and five exchange students. Together, they hail from 16 different states and the District of Columbia, and as far away as South Korea.

The newest Yellow Jackets moved onto campus on Thursday, Aug. 31 and kicked off a jam-packed Welcome Week filled with programming to acclimate the students to the RMC community. These activities provide students the opportunity to bond with their Captains, student leaders who serve as year-long sources of support for new students during the transitions. They shared these activities with their “crews,” the small groups of students who share the same Captain.

Captains cheer and welcome students to campus during Welcome Week

Between pickleball, video game tournaments, block parties, college success workshops, and so much more, RMC students have plenty of chances to get active, get involved, and get to know their fellow Yellow Jackets.

Among the many RMC traditions that take place during Welcome Week, one of the longest-standing is the Matriculation Ceremony where the Pledge of Academic Integrity is administered to all entering students. Upon signing the oaths, new students are officially members of the RMC community.

Of the 484-person class of first-years and transfers, 26% are students of color, which closely tracks the College’s continued efforts to expand its academic mission to historically underserved communities. Additionally, 27% of the Class of 2027 are first-generation college students.

The newest Yellow Jackets bring a strong academic foundation to campus, boasting a 3.75 average weighted GPA across the Class of 2027. The top intended majors for incoming students are business, nursing, and psychology. Impressive in and outside of the classroom, 36% of the Class of 2027 are student-athletes.