Environmental Studies Field and Lab Equipment Transportation

  • Students with an R MC van14 passenger van
  • 22 foot Privateer Roamer II, Model 2100 with 200 hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard engine
  • 10' Sears jon boat with a 4-stroke Yamaha outboard

Laboratory and Field Instrumentation

  • 2 pH meters (YSI model pH100 )
  • 3 dissolved oxygen meters (YSI model 55)
  • 2 YSI-30 salinometer and conductivity meters
  • Turbidimeter (Hach model 2100 P)
  • 2 HACH spectrophotometers for water quality testing (model DR-2000)
  • various soil moisture probes including Decagon 5TE and ECH2O with handheld reader
  • One of the department's boatsSpectrum Technologies 6100 penetrometer
  • 2 Marsh-McBirney flow meters
  • 2 topset wading rods
  • Limnological Secchi disks and depth probes
  • 2 kemmerer water samplers (brass and stainless steel)
  • Tyler Mechanical RoTap sediment sorter and nested sieves

Marine and Estuarine Field Equipment

  • Edgetech 4200 side-scan sonar system
  • Applied Acoustic Engineering Uniboom seismic reflection profiling system
  • Students working on an eroding cliffsideSyQwest stratabox seismic system
  • Ogeechee coring system
  • Wildco hand coring system for shallow water
  • Ponar grab samplers
  • Channel dredge bottom samplers
  • LaMotte Bottom Sampling Dredge
  • Honda EU2000i 2kW generator
  • Yamaha EF1000iS 1 kW generator

Aquatic Lab Facilities

  • 3, 300-gallon, temperature-controlled and ultraviolent sterilized research aquaria
  • Visual implant elastomer fish tags
  • Electrofishing
  • Coffelt Mark-10 backpack electrofisher
  • Smith-Root LR-24 backpack electrofisher combo including batteries and charger, electrode pole, electrode ring, cathode and wheeled travel case
  • Surveying equipment in operation in the woods.Honda EX350 generator

Land Surveying

  • Topcon RL-H3C self-leveling laser level and LS80 receivers
  • Sokkia C32 automatic level
  • 3 survey rods

GIS/GPS and Data Acquisition and Post-processing Software

  • ArcView 9.3 GIS software (site license)
  • Chesapeake Technology, Inc.’s SonarWiz.MAP+SBP package
  • 2 Trimble GeoXm Global Positioning Systems (GPS) receivers with Terrasync software Trimble Pathfinder Office GPS processing software (site license) Trimble SPS361 Digital Global Positioning System Trimble GeoExplorer Pocket PC Global Positioning System Computer facilities
  • PC computer lab with 15 student workstations
  • Dell ruggedized laptop computer and additional field laptop computers

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • 3 groundwater monitoring wells with continuous recording water-level logger hardwired to laboratory computing system
  • pump test, slug test, bailer test equipment