About Our Program

Undergraduate Research

A girl performing an experiment with a red solution.If you're thinking about an undergraduate chemistry major and want to do original, cutting-edge research with an actual faculty member (not a graduate student) then Randolph-Macon Department of Chemistry is the place for you! We offer:

  • Research opportunities starting as early as the freshman year.
  • The opportunity to get course credit for research.
  • Summer research opportunities through the SURF program - get paid for full-time research, get valuable experience in the lab, and have fun with a group of like-minded scientists!

Our majors participant in research because it's fun, research experience is preferred by employers and graduate schools, and many opportunities are paid positions!

If you think you might be interested in research, please feel free to contact one of our faculty members below for more information!

Faculty Member Research interest Contact Info
Dr. Nora Green Biochemistry Email Dr. Green
Dr. April Marchetti

Polymer synthesis

Forensic science

Chemical Education

E-mail Dr. Marchetti
Dr. April Mattei


Inorganic Chemistry

E-mail Dr. Mattei
Dr. Rebecca Michelsen

Physical Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

E-mail Dr. Michelsen
Dr. John Thoburn Organic Chemistry E-mail Dr. Thoburn
Dr. Serge Schreiner Inorganic Chemistry E-mail Dr. Schreiner

Chemistry Lab students in DR Thoburn class


Two chemistry students in blue lab coats working together.The chemistry department can arrange an internship for you during the January term. You will work as a chemist at a local chemical industry or state or federal agency for credit. During the internship, you will work approx. 160 hours under the direction of a site supervisor. You cannot be paid for the internship while you are receiving coursework credits.

Scholarship Opportunities

A female research student.The chemistry department offers several scholarship opportunities for both new students to the college and students who have already declared chemistry as a major. The most prominent of these scholarships are the Jackson Fellowships. These fellowships are designed to encourage high-ability chemistry, biology, and pre-med students who are interested in Randolph-Macon College. The scholarships range in value from $1000 to $3000, and are in addition to any other financial aid that the student might receive from the college. The scholarships can be renewed for up to four years. Scholarships are also sometimes awarded to students who are already at the college and who have declared a scientific field as their major.  Contact Dr. Schreiner at sschrein@rmc.edu for more information

Students who are majoring in chemistry and minoring in EDUC are also eligible for the Noyce Teacher-Scholar Program scholarships.  These four year, full-tuition scholarships require a 4 year teaching commitment at the high school level after graduation.  Contact Dr. Marchetti at amarchetti@rmc.edu for more information.