Building Bridges of Community Empowerment:
The Big Event and Macon a Difference Day

We believe in the power of community engagement and making a difference. As an institution committed to fostering social responsibility, we offer two exceptional campus-wide initiatives: The Big Event, in the fall, and Macon a Difference Day, in the spring. These transformative experiences provide our students, faculty, and staff with unique opportunities to unite, strengthen, and empower the vibrant community of Ashland.


Mark your Calendars

Big Event – November 5, 2023

The Big Event is a nationwide service day that fosters unity and service by engaging both the campus and the community. The Big Event is not simply about completing jobs or counting participants, it is about creating a united bond between students and community residents. It began in 1982 at Texas A&M University and has become one of the largest, student-run service projects in the nation, spanning over 75 campuses worldwide.

Macon a Difference Day – April 21, 2024

Macon a Difference Day is an annual event just for RMC, that celebrates both Earth Day and Youth Service Day. Each year, students, staff, and faculty join forces with the Hanover Youth Service Group to clean up various areas in the Town of Ashland. Additionally, RMC students will have the opportunity to assist Ashland residents with their job requests. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Tree Planting Ceremony in honor of Macon a Difference Day, a special highlight of this event.

Job Requests

Are you a resident of Ashland seeking assistance with a job request? Please complete our free job request form above, and submit the liability form.

We welcome a variety of job requests: planting, leaf raking, weeding, fence painting (resident provides paint), sweeping, window washing, hedge trimming, hanging wall décor, and decluttering.
Please note that the use of power tools and ladders is not permitted for safety reasons.

Submit your request for the Big Event by October 24. Please note the deadline to cancel a job is November 2.

Subject your request for Macon a Difference Day by April 11. Please note the deadline to cancel a job is April 17.

Student Information

Build connections with fellow students and earn service hours. Sign up as an individual or as part of an organization, on The Buzz (links above).

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Information

Faculty, staff, and alumni are also invited to sign-up and participate in service events individually, with your family, or as a group.