Working on campus is part of the educational experience for many Yellow Jackets. It’s part of earning money to pay for college, and it’s also gaining real-world experience with faculty and staff supervisors who are part of your YJ network for life.

the benefits Why you’ll love working on campus

International students at RMC in front of fountain.

Cross-campus connections

Campus jobs are a great way to stay connected to all parts of the Randolph-Macon community and make relationships with unexpected mentors that will last long after you leave. Your experience as a student employee will help carry you into your next chapter with confidence.

flexible work hours

A job that lets you prioritize your class schedule and extracurricular commitments?! When you work on campus, we understand that your experience as a college student comes first. That’s why we work to fit your schedule – not the other way around.

build your resume

You can often align your hunt for a campus job to your career ambitions and interests. Learn from experts in the College’s office and departments. The hands-on experience you’ll get will bolster your resume and give you an upper-hand when it comes time to apply for your first job after graduation.

Securing a Campus Job

A student in a lab coat working with a beaker filled with a blue solution
  • Review the current job list in the Edge Career Connector.
  • Email the supervisor of any job of interest. Request an interview with them when you’re on campus.

Wondering who to ask for help? The Edge Career Center can help you navigate all things “job search” and Human Resources can help with paperwork and logistics.

Federal work study and college funded work study job programs

Federal Work Study is federally funded and is awarded to students demonstrating financial need. Students having no financial need may participate in the College Funded Work Study Program. These student wages are paid from RMC department budget allocations.

Students may work up to 20 hours per week during the school year. Hours are flexible based on the student’s schedule. The average student works 10 hours per week. Students are paid monthly and checks are written to the students – the money earned is not automatically applied toward tuition. All jobs are classified into four categories: unskilled, skilled, highly skilled, and paraprofessional.

Students who have never worked on campus must provide original documents as are required by law for verification of new employee Identity and authorization to work in the United States. To see a list of all acceptable documents go to Accepted Documents.

All students who work for RMC are required to have a Social Security number for payroll purposes.

Student Employee grievances should adhere to the policy on Student Complaints in the Academic Catalog (p.174) and The Student Handbook (pg. 13).

federal work study off campus employment

Students who qualify for Federal Work Study may take advantage of paid off-campus employment opportunities with the following community service agencies:

  • Circles Ashland
  • Downtown Ashland Association
  • Hanover Chamber of Commerce
  • Hanover Community Services Board
  • Hanover Safe Place
  • John M. Gandy Elementary School

“As a student employee, I earned a multitude of transferable career skills that I’ve been able to apply to projects and employment opportunities beyond RMC.”

Christopher Kendall ’23
RMC student and his family.