Theatre Major

R-MC Theatre Major

If all the world's a stage, then a major in theatre can help prepare you for whatever role your future demands. Focusing both on performance and production, the theatre major introduces students to the long, rich history and flourishing contemporary role of theatre.

On-Stage and Off

From the diverse body of dramatic literature to the sweat-and-greasepaint challenges of staging a production, the theatre curriculum offers a strong academic foundation while demanding the creative, problem-solving skills that go into staging a live performance.

Curtains Up!

R-MC's Theatre department stages an average of five productions a year, from the timeless works of Shakespeare and the Greek playwrights to Broadway favorites and contemporary dramas, with students often taking lead roles not only as actors but also as directors, stage managers, and lighting and scenic designers.

Road Show

R-MC students take advantage of the college's strong study abroad program, which includes January-term travel classes such as Professor Janet Hayatshahi's course, Mapping Theatre in Ireland, taking place in Dublin, Ireland in January 2017. Students in the theatre department also have the opportunity to participate in academic internships with professional theatre companies.

Your Next Act

Graduates of R-MC's theatre program are pursuing careers in fields including television production design, non-profit fundraising, web design, PR and new media, education, and music performance.