Sociology and Anthropology Major

Students learning how to transport water on their heads.
Sociology and anthropology study social life and culture in order to understand the causes and consequences of human action.

A sociology major develops an understanding of how cultures shape our behaviors and choices—insight that can be applied to careers in any field, from medicine to business, higher education to law, teaching to sales.

A Major to Suit Your Interests

With a sociology major, you explore the world through the lens of societies and cultures. The sociology curriculum at R-MC, which also includes the study of anthropology, draws upon a variety of theoretical perspectives to consider such areas as culture, socialization, deviance, inequality, health and illness, family patterns, social change and race and ethnic relations. While being introduced to the broad reach of sociology and anthropology, majors also refine their focus by choosing an area of concentration and by participating in an internship, field study or independent research project.

Learning Through Giving Back

Service learning projects in the sociology major have included hurricane-relief in New Orleans and mentoring and tutoring of refugees from Burundi newly arrived in the United States.

Travel for Knowledge

Recent travel-study programs led by sociology faculty have included trips to Ghana and Brazil. All R-MC students also are encouraged to consider the college's semester abroad options.