Embrace Excellence.

The Honors Program at Randolph-Macon College was created to enhance the academic and community experience of our most outstanding students. Read below about how we make it happen.

Innovative courses: Capped at just 15 students, these innovative, interdisciplinary classes offer Honors students the chance to explore compelling topics not found in the standard curriculum. Working closely with faculty and with other Honors students, these courses involve unique projects and co-curricular activities, offering students the chance to explore their topic outside of the classroom. Take a look at our listing of upcoming and recent Collegiate Honors Courses to find out more.

In-depth study: Advanced honors students pursue unique, specially-designed projects, in which they work closely with faculty members to design and execute a unique teaching and learning experience. The Honors Program encourages creativity in designing such projects, giving students the opportunity to create experiences that align with their interests and ambitions.

Flexible participation: High school seniors who are applying to R-MC and who meet the requirements can apply for Honors Program immediately. But we also encourage transfer students and current first-year R-MC students who have excelled in their studies to join the Honors community through an internal application process.

Honors Community: The Honors Program forges closely knit learning communities and enduring friendships among students, offering living/learning spaces, co-curricular events and activities, and extracurricular social events.

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Questions? Contact the honors program director Dr. April Marchetti at honors@rmc.edu or at 804-412-1435

male student

Derek Dittmar, '16

"From the small discussion-based classes to the strong growth-based relationships with faculty, my experiences in the Honors Program have come to define my time at Randolph-Macon College. It has been an honor and a privilege to learn from, work with, and serve this dedicated group of faculty, staff, and students. I am so thankful for my opportunities and experiences, and know for sure that they will shape my life for years to come."