History Major

A history professor in his element.

Choose a history major, and you'll embark on much more than a four-year study of the past. As a history major at R-MC, you'll master the essential skills of thoughtful research, critical reading, and analytical writing while examining the patterns and connections that play out over the rich variety of human experience.

History Major, or Minor

In addition to choosing the history major, you could also pursue a double major, a history minor, or a course sequence for certification in elementary or secondary education.

Digging Deeper

As a history major, you'll engage with a broad-ranging curriculum that includes a capstone project based on your interests and focus, such as student teaching, study abroad, or an independent research project.

Internship or Study Abroad

Every history major is encouraged to consider an internship or study abroad. You'll find local and national internships in organizations from museums and archaeology field schools to the Supreme Court and summer fellowships in New York.

From Past to Future

With a major in history, jobs open up in careers from law to finance, education to cultural resources management—but you'll also find former R-MC history majors who are public relations specialists, engineers, and scholars. And of course, some students choose to continue their studies in graduate school.