Affectionately called “J-Term” on campus, January term is our 20-day mini-mester between fall and spring semester. This abbreviated semester is the perfect size for students to immerse themselves in an experience.

It’s a time when students commonly travel abroad, complete an internship, or take an intensive study course. And it’s included in your tuition!

from pickleball to psychobiology

RMC students use J-Term to immerse themselves in a subject, from knocking out a degree requirement to taking a course that makes connections across disciplines.

Chaz Harvey '25 uses a virtual reality headset as a part of a J-Term Oral History class

RMC biology students lined up on the stairs of ruins during a J-Term travel course in Belize

J-Term is a great chance to explore the world by studying abroad. RMC students travel across the globe from Belize to Australia, from Japan to Sicily, and everywhere in between! These travel courses offer a taste of global cultures while exploring in-depth subjects like the Chemistry of Winemaking or Warfare in Antiquity.

Internships, for pay or credit, offer students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the professional field of their choice. J-Term is the perfect time to connect knowledge from the classroom to your future goals.

A man standing in front of a cat store.