Film Studies Minor

Film-Studies-banner: an outdoor, big screen viewing.

Film is a universal storytelling medium that has become a powerful form of expression for artists around the world.

The Film Studies minor at R-MC invites you to explore the history and the reach of film not only as entertainment but also as a means of giving voice to many perspectives and cultures and communities. 

Visual Narratives

From the earliest days of "moving pictures," film has inspired artists to express compelling stories in visual images. As a Film Studies minor, you'll immerse yourself in the history, theory, technique, and international reach of film and develop a broad appreciation for the ways that film expresses universal themes that concern us all.

Film Studies lets you see the world through new points of view, addressing complex social, political, and personal issues around the globe. The Film Studies program not only highlights the work of international filmmakers but also invites these artists to the campus to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Celebrating Cinema

R-MC hosts an outdoor international film festival that welcomes the entire community to enjoy the art of outstanding contemporary film.

Directing Your Future

As visual storytelling becomes an increasingly common vehicle for sharing ideas, communicating information, and connecting people globally, the Film Studies minor provides you with a practical foundation in this versatile medium with applications in many fields beyond traditional film-making.