Chemistry Major

A student performing pH testing on multiple solutions

Where can a chemistry major take you? R-MC graduates pursue careers in fields from health care to forensic science, biotechnology to pharmaceutical research.

Undergraduate Options

All chemistry majors specialize by choosing an area of emphasis. Pre-med students, students intending to pursue an advanced degree in biochemistry, or those planning to attend dental or veterinary school normally choose the interdisciplinary focus in biochemistry. If you are interested in a career in a state or federal crime lab or an advanced degree in criminalistics, the department offers an emphasis in forensic science. The research emphasis provides a strong preparation for graduate studies in chemistry. Students may also choose the general emphasis option, and those interested in teaching can select a program of study, including an education minor, for Virginia certification to teach chemistry at the secondary education level. For particularly focused students, a three-year BS degree option is also available.

Hands-On Learning

Science majors are strongly encouraged to participate in research projectsinternships, or independent study, and every major completes a senior-year capstone project. Research isn't just a classroom exercise either; chemistry students present their work at events such as the college's Research Day as well as at professional conferences. And there are other opportunities beyond the classroom: chemistry major Jen LaBarge '15 conducted research at R-MC and helped create a curriculum at the Science Museum of Virginia that focused on STEM literacy.

Pre-Med Opportunities

Qualified pre-med students can take advantage of the Early Selection partnership with George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the Preferred Applicant Track agreement with the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, or the BS/MD joint degree program with Eastern Medical College.

Graduate Studies

M.D., Ph.D. or other advanced degree in your future? R-MC graduates are accepted at leading universities such as MIT, Georgetown, Medical College of Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Duke, University of Virginia, Tulane, and UNC-Chapel Hill.

Professional Recognition

The Randolph-Macon chemistry major is approved by the American Chemical Society.