Asian Studies Major

An Asian snow-covered landscape.
China and Japan are now the world's 2nd- and 3rd-largest economies, and more than half of the world's population lives in Asia. From the economy to education to environmental issues, the nations of Asia are expected to play a dominant role in the 21st century. Asian Studies explores the history, culture and future of this richly multifaceted region.

Comprehensive Major

The Asian Studies curriculum draws together the individual strands of history, religion, art, culture and language to develop in students a nuanced and in-depth perspective.

Visiting Scholars

The annual J. Earl Moreland Lecture on Asia each spring brings a visiting expert for a three-day program of classes and a public lecture.

Study Abroad

Students in the Asian Studies major are encouraged to consider a study-abroad experience. Students may take advantage of January-term travel classes as well as semester- or year-abroad programs in Japan and Korea.

Language Study

A language requirement is part of the Asian Studies major, and both Chinese and Japanese language courses, from introductory to advanced levels, are available on campus.