Direct your future with a film studies minor at Randolph-Macon. Immerse yourself in the history, technique, and international reach of film, and develop a broad appreciation for the ways film expresses universal themes and gives voice to many perspectives and communities. Reflect on a wide range of cinematic works, film styles, genres, and movements, and examine the shifting role of film as a means for entertainment and social change. As visual storytelling increasingly becomes the most effective vehicle for sharing ideas and connecting people globally, the film studies minor provides you with a practical foundation, in a versatile medium, with applications in a variety of fields including education, media, communications, entertainment, business, international relations, politics and non-profits.

Film Studies
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In and Beyond the Classroom

Film studies instructor demonstrates to students how to position the video camera and tripod

hands-on learning

At RMC, we believe that learning by doing is the most effective way to develop the deep knowledge and understanding you’ll take with you well beyond the classroom. As a Filmmaking (FILM 262) student, you learn the production principles of filmmaking by diving into the personnel, equipment, and technical components involved in pre-production, production, and post-production. You’ll explore the creative role of the director by directing artistic shot selection, visual and audio synchronization, music and sound alignment, storyboard development, cinematography, and editing; all for the purpose of sharing your story, your vision.

high-impact internships

Students have tremendous opportunities to connect with a rich and growing cinema culture in the greater Richmond area. Opportunities include the annual French Film Festival, the James River Independent Film Festival, and the Richmond International Film Festival. Virginia’s active recruitment of films and TV, including Showtime’s Homeland, Apple TV’s Swagger, and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln offer changes for internship, networking, and future job opportunities.

advising and mentorship

As a film studies minor, you’ll learn from expert Randolph-Macon faculty who represent a wide array of academic disciplines including art, American studies, Asian studies, communication studies, English, French, German, History, sociology, music, theater studies and women’s studies. This interdisciplinary approach means you explore topics about American film and world cinemas through the lens of different artistic, historical and cultural view points.

  • 16,320
    Virginia jobs are linked to film industry according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • 1923
    the year the original Hollywood sign was constructed
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    frames per second, the frame speed of the earliest motion picture cameras
A group of RMC faculty and students gather as an audience for an outdoor film viewing

Film Studies
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Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

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FILM 228

The Holocaust in German and European Film

Study films that deal with the history and aftermath of the Holocaust, and learn how the Holocaust affected most of Europe. Develop the skills to interpret and critique international films and compare how the history of the Holocaust has been depicted in various German and European films.

FILM 262


Get an introduction to visualization practices and production principles of filmmaking with an in-depth examination of the professional language, personnel, equipment, and technical components involved in pre-production, production, and post-production. Explore the creative role of the director in such activities as artistic shot selection, visual and audio synchronization, music and sound alignment, storyboard development, cinematography, and editing.

FILM 345

Major Film Makers

Study nine directors/filmmakers, their backgrounds, their works and their critical film reviews. Explore directors such as Stanley Kubrick (US/UK), Ingmar Bergman (Sweden), Federico Fellini (Italy), Claire Denis (France), Alejandro Inarritu (Mexico) and others. Develop your understanding of the directors and their films in the context of cinematic history.

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Hannah Fay '20

Hannah Fay ’20

Data Analyst, Payroll Manager, and Accounts Receivable Specialist
Florida Freezer LP

“What I loved about my time at RMC was the ability to connect with my peers and my professors. I grew up in a small classroom environment, and I like bouncing ideas off other people when I need help finding a solution. Having those one-on-one capabilities provided me with the tools I needed to succeed both in the classroom and out in the real world.”

Stephanie Staples ’17

Associate Producer, Social Media
PBS NewsHour

Christopher KEndall ’23

Director of Technology, Marketing, and Media
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