Love computers, algorithms and apps? Study the structures and techniques for managing complex software and data systems with a major or minor in computer science. Explore the theoretical foundation of algorithm development and get hands-on, software development experience for a wide range of real-world applications. As a Randolph-Macon computer science major, you’ll learn and conduct original research in state-of-the-art computer and robotics labs. RMC’s comprehensive program emphasizes the importance of effective communication skills resulting in future-proof graduates ready for real-world problem-solving in one of the fastest growing fields in the nation. 

Computer Science up close In and Beyond the Classroom

Two computer science students having a discussion in classroom

hands-on research

Randolph-Macon computer science majors expand their knowledge through senior capstones and pursue research in areas of personal interest through the Schapiro Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) summer program. These important opportunities for student-driven, hands-on research give Randolph-Macon computer science students a leg-up in future careers and graduate study. As part of SURF, students work closely with a faculty mentor to conduct and later present their original work. Recently, computer science students partnered with research advisors Dr. John McManus, Dr. Robin Givens and Dr. Rance Necaise in research covering a variety of topics including:

  • “Exploring Machine Learning Algorithms for Emotion Recognition Through Optimized Input Training Datasets” (Johanna Schetelig) 
  • “Analyzing the State-of-the-Art of GANs for Painting Generation” (Aaron Marker)
  • “Individual Investor Utilization of Open-Source Software and Data Analytics for Securities Trading” (Almero Henning)
  • “Developing An Open Source Network Protocol for Mobile “Internet of Things” (Christopher Ruediger)  
  • “Project Achilles: Identifying and Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Civilian UAV Systems and Evaluating Potential Threats against the United States Airspace” (Phillip J. Costello)


Computer science learning at Randolph-Macon happens in state-of-the-art computer laboratory facilities that are available 24/7. Housing both Windows and Linux systems, the labs are used by students for research, and also feature hardware for courses and research in exciting areas of study including robotics, 3-D modeling, cybersecurity, networking, parallel computing, web programming, computer graphics, and high-performance computing. Typically only found at large research universities, RMC’s impressive laboratory facilities invite the opportunity for a truly hands-on learning experience. 

high-impact internships

Computer science majors gain practical, real-world problem-solving experience through valuable internship opportunities. Recent RMC internships reflect the many industries and companies for which a computer science degree is highly relevant including:

  • Capital One
  • Naval Surface Warfare Center 
  • Richweb 
  • St James the Less Free Clinic 
  • Tech for Troops 
RMC computer science faculty member working with students on robotics project

advising and mentorship

Computer science at Randolph-Macon provides a thorough foundation in both theoretical and practical applications. These concepts are delivered in a supportive and personalized learning environment where computer science faculty (never TAs!) make student learning their first priority. Professors personally mentor each student and assist with finding internships, research, and ultimately, careers. 

  • $131,490
    the median annual salary for computer and information research scientists
  • 21%
    the much faster than average growth rate in computer science-related jobs in the next 10 years (vs. 5% for all others) 
  • 1967
    the year the computer science major was established at RMC (one of the first liberal arts colleges in the nation)
student using tools on a small robot with wires and batteries

computer science in full Courses You Won’t Want to Miss

(A very small sample)

CSCI 229

Introduction to Robotics

Design, build and program Lego MindStorm EV3 robots using the EV3 software package. Program robotic actions using environmental sensors and build unique robot functions that solve a specific problem. 

CSCI 339

Artificial Intelligence

Learn the concepts, principles, challenges, and research in artificial intelligence (AI). Define AI and intelligent agents; and develop problem-solving techniques, knowledge, reasoning and planning while learning to work with uncertainty.

CSCI 335

Web Development

Design and develop dynamic web applications with a focus on server-side programming. Learn basic technologies (HTML, CSS style sheets) for creating web pages; server-side programming using the PHP programming language; client-side programming using Javascript; common programming interfaces for accessing relational databases; and recommended techniques for user authentication. 

Opportunities Worth Grabbing

Popular activities and programs among computer science majors
RMC students sitting in front of monitors during e-sports competition


Student chapter of The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM)

The professional and educational society of the computer science discipline

From Here To What you can do with a Computer Science degree from RMC

Caroline Young '15

Caroline Young ’15

Manager, Controls Monitoring and Assessment

“My experience at RMC prepared me for my professional career, from the course topics offered that engaged my interests in pursuing cyber to support and guidance from professors. Being able to have meaningful connections with my classmates and professors equipped me for networking and building connections with co-workers.”

Devin Stricker ’18

Full Stack Software Development Analyst
Select Medical

Samantha HOLLAND ’16

Software Engineer
Viasat Inc.

Ahmad Nazeri ’16

Software Engineer

Nicole D’Ambra ’15

Software Engineer
Trusted QA

Phillip J. Costello ’19

Mission Engineer
Naval Surface Warfare Center

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