competitive gaming in 12 NACE sports

We’re dedicated Esports athletes who excel in-game and in the classroom. And we’re always recruiting new gamers committed to integrity, compassion, respect, and consistent effort.

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All RMC Esports events are streamed live to the official Randolph-Macon College Twitch Channels.

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We Want You for RMC Esports!

Randolph-Macon College Esports is looking for athletes with great attitudes, a sense of integrity, and amazing team players. Additionally, we seek scholar-athletes who can compete in the classroom and in the game.

Ready To Make a Move?

What We Play

Diving into a captivating array of virtual worlds, RMC Esports showcases their multifaceted talents across a thrilling assortment of games. From the strategic battles of League of Legends to the spellbinding duels of Hearthstone, they navigate the realms of fantasy and strategy with finesse. In Rocket League, their teamwork and precision shine as they maneuver sleek vehicles to score stunning goals, while in the heart-pounding arenas of CS:GO, they demonstrate their tactical prowess and sharpshooting skills. Venturing into the realm of survival and strategy, RMC Esports takes on Fortnite’s ever-changing landscape with adaptability and resourcefulness. Meanwhile, in Overwatch, they deploy an intricate symphony of heroes’ abilities, turning the tide of battle with well-coordinated plays. Stepping onto the virtual gridiron in Madden, they orchestrate digital victories through strategic play calling and split-second decisions. The thunderous clashes of Super Smash Bros showcase their finesse in the realm of platform fighters, while in Valorant, Apex: Legends, and Call of Duty, RMC Esports delivers a relentless display of tactical prowess and marksmanship, securing victories in high-stakes shooter showdowns. Across this impressive spectrum of games, RMC Esports unfailingly proves their mettle, solidifying their status as versatile competitors in the ever-evolving landscape of collegiate Esports.

Who We Play Against

RMC Esports engages in exhilarating competitions against a diverse array of opponents across multiple collegiate esports platforms. Their main battleground is the National Association of College Esports (NACE), where they clash with universities from all corners of the nation. Additionally, RMC Esports extends their prowess to the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC), where they vie for supremacy against formidable adversaries. The team’s reach further extends to the New England Collegiate Conference (NECC) and the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference (MAEC), showcasing their versatility by taking on rivals hailing from both the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. This eclectic mix of competitions reflects RMC Esports’ commitment to testing their skills against a wide spectrum of opponents, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the collegiate Esports arena.


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