The transition from high school to college is difficult for many students. Students with disabilities have to deal with the same issues all students face, but they also have added challenges in how accommodations and services are requested and arranged. Students must assume more responsibility and play a much more active role in obtaining disability services than they did in high school. High school accommodations and services are geared toward guaranteeing “success” for all students, while college accommodations and services provide “access.” A college student with a disability must become a self-advocate; s/he should be able to communicate what the disability is, how it impacts and limits major life activities, as well as identify and justify requested accommodations.

The Office of Disability Services (DS) has compiled the following resources for students, parents, and educators preparing for the transition from high school to college.



  • Dear Parent Letter
    This letter to parents by the Office of Civil Rights explains some difference between high school and college regarding accommodations of disabilities.

High School Educators

general resources

To facilitate a smooth transition between high school and college, students are encouraged to contact Disability Services as soon as possible, and before June 1, to discuss accommodations and plan for a smooth transition.