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Faculty can find resources to support students with disabilities in the DSO portal.

Letters of Accommodation

Instructors can log-in to the Faculty Portal to view Letters of Accommodation for students registered with the Office of Disability Services who have requested accommodations. Student Letters of Accommodation will also be delivered directly to faculty RMC email accounts each semester following the student’s request for disability accommodations in their courses.

Assessment Proctoring for Students Registered with Disability Services

If an instructor and student with accommodations determine that the student will take assessments (for example, quizzes, exams, or finals) in the Office of Disability Services, the instructor should complete a testing agreement form for each course in the Faculty Portal to describe the required guidelines and assessment procedures for the entire class. If an instructor has multiple sections of one course, or their guidelines and procedures are the same for several courses, they may indicate this on their testing agreement and will not need to complete multiple agreements. If their assessment guidelines or procedures change or they have different guidelines for different assessments in the same course, they will be able to indicate this on an additional form in the Faculty Portal prior to the date of the scheduled assessment.