You steer your academic journey at Randolph-Macon, but you never do it alone. Even before you matriculate, you’ll meet with a faculty advisor who can help you select classes and make a plan for the next steps of your academic journey. As you discover your passions, you’ll meet with new advisors who can help you pursue hands-on learning opportunities, prepare for graduate school, and more.

Types of Advisors

first-year advisor

First–year advisors might discuss your interests and goals as they help you navigate RMC and assist with course registration. Students are assigned first-year advisors from among the faculty, prior to the student’s arrival. Advisors will come from all areas of the college and may not be in a department in which students are considering a major

major advisor

Typically, when you declare a major (and no later than the end of sophomore year), most students transition to a major advisor. This is a member of the faculty within your major discipline. Major advisors help students with course registration, and more generally help students navigate opportunities within their field.

pre-professional advisor

If you are interested in attending professional school like med school or law school, we encourage you to connect with a pre-professional advisor. Pre-professional advising does not take the place of your major advisor; instead they provide additional support in advising, maximizing resources, and professional school admission requirements/application process.

Office of Advising Resources

The Office of Advising Resources coordinates academic advising, as part of the Higgins Academic Center. Our work with students, faculty, and staff includes making advisor assignments and providing resources and training related to the advising process. (Faculty can find these resources on Buzznet.)

Though your primary advising relationship should be with your faculty advisor, we also serve as an additional advising resource for students. We also assist with providing referral information for students to promote academic success.

meet the team Office of Advising Resources

LaNea Winston headshot

LaNea J. Winston

Director of Advising Resources

Jill Grant Headshot

Jill Grant

Associate Dean for Student Support