Picture of students walking in front of Old Chapel.

1st President

Rev. Stephen Olin

Native of Vermont, President for three years, resigned for health reasons. (1834-1836)

2nd President

Dr. Landon C. Garland

A.M., Hampden-Sydney College, President for ten years. (1836-1846)

3rd President

Rev. William A. Smith (Dr.)

President from 1846 until the operation of the College was temporarily suspended because of the Civil War. Dr. Smith was commissioned a Colonel in the Confederate Army. Randolph-Macon closed in February 1863 and classes did not resume until 1866.

4th President

Col. Thomas C. Johnson

Native of Lynchburg, elected in 1866, resigned in 1868 just prior to the opening of the college in Ashland.

5th President

Rev. James A. Duncan

Elected in 1868, a Methodist Minister and RMC Alumnus, served as President until his death in September 1877.

6th President

Rev. W.W. Bennett

Served as President from 1877 until 1886.

7th President

Dr. William Waugh Smith


8th President

Dr. John A. Kern


9th President

Dr. W.G. Starr


10th President

Dr. Robert Emory Blackwell

Named acting President in 1902, was elected President in June 1903, and held that office until his death in June 1938. He was a member of the first student body in the new location in Ashland, was an instructor, professor, and president. Dr. S.C. Hatcher served as acting President during the academic year 1938-39.

11th President

Dr. J. Earl Moreland

1939 – July 1967

12th President

Luther W. White, III

July 1967 – June 1979

13th President

Dr. C. Ladell Payne

July 1979 – June 1997

14th President

Dr. Roger H. Martin

July 1997 – January 2006

15th President

Robert R. Lindgren

February 2006 – present