The Parents Board supports the general goals and purposes of Randolph-Macon College, as well as its highest priorities, and fosters bonds between parents and the College. Members are invited to serve. The board promotes the image and reputation of Randolph-Macon and is a forum for the exchange of information concerning the activities and programs of the College as a whole. The board provides an opportunity to support events and activities, which enhances the college experience for students and families and helps to strengthen the institution’s financial foundation.

Meet the 2023-24 Parents Board Members

Co-Chairs: Mark ’92 and Terena Hale

Parents of Nick ’23 and Matt ’23 Hale

Vice chairs: Cal ’96 and KAtherine ’97 Whitehead

Parents of Anne Whitehead ’25

General Membership

  • Scott Anderegg and Lisa Krizan (Maddie Anderegg ’25)
  • George and Soraya Assaf (Michael Assaf ’26)
  • John and Patti Benton (Catherine Benton ’26)
  • Jeff and Carol ’92 Blake (Charlie Blake ’24)
  • Steve Brandt and Becky Shattuck-Brandt (Hannah Brandt ’26)
  • Dean Browell ’98 (Addy Browell ’26)
  • Robert and Megan Carter (Matthew Carter ’26)
  • Kristin Chisman (Clark Chisman ’26)
  • Alex and Ursula Chizhik (Sabastian Chizhik ’24)
  • John and Angela Farmakides (Anthony Farmakides ’24)
  • Scott and Andrea Garka (Joshua Garka ’24)
  • Thad ’95 and Courtney ’95 Gilmer (Parker Gilmer ’26)
  • Al Hagy (Colin Hagy ’24)
  • Doug and Dana Herr (Abbey Herr ’26)
  • Ravi Khandpur and Roopam Sood-Khandpur (Raiva Khandpur ’26)
  • Lorraine Landfried (Caroline Leithiser ’26)
  • Ross and Corinne Luck (Davis Luck ’26)
  • Chris Nodurft and Joy Asekun (Lara Nodurft ’25)
  • Chip and Catherine Nottingham (Charles Nottingham ’24)
  • David and Jennifer Pridgen (Trey Pridgen ’24)
  • Thea Robertson ’94 (Sydney Robertson ’26)
  • Dan and Sharon Schmitt (Carter Schmitt ’26)
  • Barry Shelton (Jaylen Shelton ’26)
  • Gary and Ann-Rodman Shook (Rodman Shook ’24)
  • Bert and Melissa Short (Cathryn Short ’26)
  • Durette ’94 and Christie Woods (Grayson Woods ’26)
  • Bill and Samantha Wreaks (Fitz Wreaks ’26)


For more information about the Parents Board, please contact:

Laura Ruxton headshot

Laura Ruxton

Director of Annual Leadership Giving