New Dining Partner to Bring Sustainable Culinary Experiences to RMC

Randolph-Macon College is pleased to announce a new partnership with Parkhurst Dining, a national leader in local sourcing and sustainable dining experiences that will take over the College’s dining contract in July 2022.

Parkhurst is a family-owned company, founded in 1996, that has built a reputation for authentic cuisine. The company trumpets its status as a pioneer in the farm-to-table movement. Its FarmSourceTM program finds and partners with local growers and family-owned farms for produce and artisanal products, resulting in more than 20% of food served by Parkhurst being sourced locally.

Parkhurst also notes a thoughtful and award-wining approach to allergens and dietary restrictions, as well as opportunities to engage students and campus organizations in celebrations that center people and culture within the traditions of community and food.

“The campus community will be able to select from a creative mix of nutritionally balanced entrées prepared with fresh-cut vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy grains. They also will enjoy multicultural foods and vegetarian and vegan entrees prepared fresh daily,” noted Vice President of Administration and Finance Paul Davies.

The selection of Parkhurst Dining came at the end of an independently managed search which sought proposals, presentations, reference checks, and site visits from numerous dining firms. An advisory committee made up of faculty, staff, and students participated in the decision process, ultimately selecting Parkhurst for its approach to offering meals that are fresh, made from scratch, and cooked in small batches.

“The Parkhurst team clearly cares about Randolph-Macon as a unique community, and they recognize the importance of the dining experience within that community,” reflected Jami Reese Darling ’22, who served on the advisory committee. “I am so excited to see what they add to the RMC experience in the coming years.”

“This decision was made based on Parkhurst’s proven track record of providing quality service and products, amazing food, and their reputation for putting people first,” said Davies, who explained that all current hourly employees will be offered employment with the new company.

For more information, visit Parkhurst’s website.