Education Studies Major to Begin in Fall 2023

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Dr. Savanna Love '10 provides instruction in an education course

Randolph-Macon College will introduce a major in education studies to the curriculum in fall 2023. The new pathway for students is designed to provide flexible options for students interested in careers in the field of education other than K-12 teaching, including coaching, corporate training, school psychology, higher education careers, careers in education policy, or teaching endorsements not offered at RMC.

Education studies coursework prepares discerning communicators, critical thinkers, and reflective problem-solvers committed to creating supportive and collaborative learning communities that value diversity, equity, and inclusivity, meeting the needs of all learners. In classrooms alongside students in RMC’s accredited teacher preparation program, education studies majors will get a broad overview of the foundation and issues in education, including but not limited to the following:

·   Education systems and stakeholders

·   Learner development and learning differences

·   Inclusive instructional planning and curriculum design

·   Assessment and evaluation

·   Facilitating continuous improvement in education

“We are so excited to have this new option for students on our campus,”  explained Dr. April Marchetti, chair of the education department. “It’s a great opportunity for students to explore their passions, and can be combined with other majors for students who are preparing for careers in social work, advocacy, higher education, law, ministry, and non-profit work.” 

Students can tailor their experience in the major to meet their individual career goals. A highlight of the curriculum is its capstone, which will introduce students to practical opportunities through a field placement. This may include working with a faculty member on an approved research project, participating in a service-learning project with a partnering organization (i.e., private school, after-school program, education-related non-profit organization, advocacy group), or a traditional internship in an education-related organization. 

Major declarations will begin in fall 2023.