Since 2005, the role of Staff Representative has provided a formal structure for staff to communicate with College administration. Kristen Sauer is currently serving as Staff Representative for a two-year term.

Staff Representation Announcements

Don’t forget to join us at the Community Roundtable/Staff Rep Meeting from 9:00-10:00.  We meet three times per semester to discuss topics of interest.

Role of Staff Representative

 Responsibility of the Staff Representative:

  • Be a fair voice for the entire staff.
  • Represent staff by sharing ideas, concerns, and issues that have been brought to the attention of the representative by Staff.
  • Co-chair Roundtables with the Director of Human Resources, allowing the opportunity for issues to be discussed that need to be addressed, as well as provide feedback to the staff on ideas/concerns previously discussed.

Staff Representative can: 

  • Promote staff self advocacy
  • Facilitate positive communication
  • Connect staff to important college decisions
  • Represent the recommendations and concerns of staff and report back to Staff
  • Identify staff training or development needs

Staff Representative cannot:

  • Replace existing lines of communication or reporting structure
  • Conduct ombuds/conflict resolution regarding personal or personnel issues