Biomedical Research

Biomedical research is a demanding yet extremely rewarding career suited for those who want to make discoveries to solve the medical mysteries of our time. Biomedical Ph.D. scientists usually conduct basic research to understand the normal cellular, molecular, and genetic basis of life as well as figure out disease mechanisms and develop cures and drugs to combat disease.  M.D./Ph.D. physician-scientists are able to conduct research that spans from the basic sciences to clinical practice and clinical trials of potential cures—from lab bench to the bedside, so to speak.  The strong research program at R-MC provides students with exciting opportunities to do research with cutting-edge research instruments and to work with faculty who are committed to developing students who want to excel. Many R-MC faculty know what it’s like to work in a medical center and how exciting (and challenging) it is. Several earned their Ph.D.’s and have taught in medical schools.

Student research opportunities at R-MC include the summer SURF program and Senior Projects, and many departments have independent study as a course prior to the senior year. Many students present at national and international meetings and some are co-authors on peer-reviewed publications.