Register a New Organization/Club

Benefits of Registration

As a registered student organization in good standing with Randolph-Macon College, your organization has the following privileges:

  • Use of the name of the campus organization in connection with the name of the College and other College identities within established guidelines.
  • Participate in the annual Activities Carnival and other major campus events that involve student organizations.
  • Use of College facilities, including buildings, grounds, and certain equipment.
  • The ability to conduct organization fundraisers with proper approval.
  • Eligibility to apply for Student Government Association funding.
  • Organization assistance and advising from the Student Engagement Center.
  • Permission to advertise and publicize on campus with proper approval.
  • The ability to be included in The BUZZ and have your membership and alumni recorded by the College for future use.
  • The ability to be listed in online directories and publications of involvement opportunities at Randolph-Macon College. 

How to Register

Visit The BUZZ

Recruit Members

  • New organizations must have at least five (5) current student members whose names will be submitted on the BUZZ registration

Create Constitution

  • Develop a constitution for the organization which will be uploaded on the BUZZ

Acquire a Faculty/Staff Advisor

Constitution Review Meeting

  • Following submitting your form on The BUZZ and identifying your advisor, email the Student Engagement Center to setup a meeting to review your organization’s proposed constitution.

Once all required information is turned in and finalized, the organization’s request and documentation will be given to Student Government Association for final approval. Once voted on by the SGA, the organization will be contacted and their BUZZ portal will be activated.

Student Organization Annual Renewal

Annual Notice

The Student Engagement Center will send to all registered Student Organizations the annual notice to complete the annual renewal process on or before April 1 each year.

Renewal Process

  • Log into The BUZZ
  • Select your organization and click the re-register button
  • Complete the required form
  • Make certain your roster in the BUZZ is fully up to date and accurate during renewal
    • Remove any students who are no longer members
  • Also, on July 1 of each year, end the memberships of any seniors who graduated on your roster
  • Make sure your advisor is included in your roster
  • Submit an updated copy of constitution during registration on The BUZZ as a file upload