Internal transfer applicants are current full time RMC students and meet minimum admission criteria as outlined below.

Nursing Program Minimum Admission Criteria

To be considered for the BSN program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

RMC Freshman Internal Transfers(1):

  • Completion of or enrollment in NUIP 115: Nursing Profession and Health Systems with a C- or higher
  • Completion of BIO 121 and completion of or enrollment in BIO 123
  • Current RMC cumulative GPA is 2.3 or higher
  • Ability to meet the BSN Core Performance Standards

1All RMC students planning to apply to the BSN program as a freshman internal transfer are required to take NUIP 115: Nursing Profession and Health Systems in Spring term during the application to the nursing program.

BSN Program Internal Transfer Guidance and FAQs for Students

Nursing requires a separate application and acceptance into the nursing major. Please see the internal transfer guidelines above.

First, let your academic advisor know you are interested in the BSN program.

To best prepare yourself, we recommend taking the following during your freshman year: BIOL 121 (fall term), BIOL 123 (spring term), MATH 111/113, ENGL 185, NUIP 115 (spring term), and completing your language requirements.

We highly recommend having and working towards a backup major as well due to the uncertainty of whether there will be an opportunity to apply for internal transfer.

No, the BSN program requires admission to the program and is not a major you can change to without specific admission to the program.

It depends. Internal transfer admissions are admitted on a space available basis. If there are seats available in the incoming freshman class, we will offer an internal transfer admission process in the spring semester. This is usually a competitive admission cycle when it occurs. A decision will be made prior to fall term registration and communicated to freshman.

Yes, you can apply as a sophomore to the BSN program if you meet the admission criteria. Please note that if accepted as a sophomore student into the BSN program, it extends your education at RMC to 5 years and invalidates your 4-year degree. We recommend talking with the Office of Financial Aid regarding how this may affect your financial status if you do apply to the program.

If there is an internal transfer admission cycle, it is open early January and closes March 1. RMC freshman have automatic access to the application in MMW under Student Forms. RMC sophomore students need to email to request access to the application.

Applicants are typically notified of their admission decision 1-2 weeks prior to fall term registration and must accept or decline their offer prior to the registration period. Accepted applicants will then change their academic advisor through the MMW portion to a nursing faculty advisor prior to registration for fall semester.

This depends on the criteria. Each admission criteria and what to do is provided below. If accepted to the BSN program, your acceptance will be conditional based on meeting specific factors.

Minimum GPA: You can still apply, and your application will be reviewed. We do understand that students at times have challenges during their first freshman semester and may not achieve the grades they desire. It is recommended that you speak to why you have not met the GPA requirement and what actions you have taken to improve in your application.

Required BIOL courses: You must complete BIOL 121 by the end of academic year in which you are applying. BIOL 123 can be taken during the summer at an outside college and transferred in as long as it adheres to RMC transfer credit guidelines if you are not able to enroll in both biology courses at RMC.

Students applying for internal transfer must be enrolled in and complete NUIP 115 for the spring term in which they are applying for internal transfer. Email the course faculty for approval to register for the course during preparation for spring registration advising. If you are not enrolled in NUIP 115 during the semester you are applying, you must wait until the following year as a sophomore to register for NUIP 115 and apply for internal transfer.

If you are a freshman, you can apply for the internal transfer admission cycle the following spring as a sophomore if it is offered. Just follow the recommended courses previously provided.

If you are a sophomore, we recommend looking at alternate pathways to nursing. See the following question and response.

There are other pathways to becoming a nurse and we need nurses! Reach out and schedule a meeting with Josh Quinn, our pre-health professions advisor, to discuss alternative nursing pathways. We do have articulation agreements post-graduation with other excellent nursing programs. He can be contacted at